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Coupling the Moon with Evil is Clever Misogyny: Let's Destigmatize Witches

"A woman's body is created in such a way where the prosody of nature swims through her....."

The demonization of the term witch in conservative cultures and Christianity commits egregious wounding to the natural streams of wisdom in women.

One of these fundamental natures is her monthly cycle. This cycle innately syncs with the moon along with the tides of the ocean. There are four weeks to her cycle with each week holding significance. Each week or sequence of her cycle carries disparate variations in her intuitions, depth and wisdom.

Contemporaneously, the moon has four weeks in its cycle as it traverses through phases of new moon, waxing moon, full moon, waning moon and then back to new. To be in touch with her own womb cycle and rhythm of the moon is a woman's birthright. However, such connection stirs controversy in conservative Christian culture. Referring to "moon cycle" often provokes shock and horror, relegating women who are aware of their ties to nature as "witchy" with pejorative pronunciations.

For (many) modern steadfast Christians, being a witch is [wrongfully] coupled with worshiping Lucifer. This is an unfair association. Such discriminatory coupling is like associating Christianity with the fanatical bigots on street corners who condemn homosexuality. A miniscule percentage of the tiniest percentage of "Christianity" engages in such an act. Not all Christians are fanatical zealots; most are not. Likewise, not all witches worship nor ally with Lucifer. Most do not.

A woman's body is created in such a way where the prosody of nature swims through her, sings through her, and dances through her. Her interconnection with the elements of life is one to be reinforced, acknowledged and encouraged. Such interconnection is her wellspring for intuition, rejuvenation and embodiment.

To spiritually castrate her from the wisdom of her body is a symptom of the weaponization of female sensuality. This weaponization does not only exist in conservative culture, but worldly secularization as well. The secular spheres use exploitation and the constant messaging that her worth is in her desirability and sexuality. On the other hand, conservative sects disempower her innate somatic sensing and connections with the realms of dreams, gut feelings, and instincts. Promulgations targeting the renouncing of the body are predominant on pulpits. Often the strategies used are through a wielding of psychological and manipulative tactics like shame.

Not only do feelings carry information, they are also potent vortexes of energy which need to be presenced so they can move (rather than going unexpressed and repressed - which can later lead to illness and/or archetypal hijacking). Dreams are both messages and messengers. They offer visions, symbols and prophetic insight. They are one of the few ways for Psyche to receive without the obstructions and distortions of ego.

Some Christian sects place prominence on dreams, and some scoff them away. Some even argue the importance of being weary of dreams as "not all dreams come from God" (a common platitude echoed in their culture).

This writer does not agree with such a view, but rather hypothesizes that all dreams come from God, even the scary and disturbing ones. Nightmares may visit if the soul has been led astray or if something or someone has entered their sphere of influence that God/Psyche wants them to be on guard about (Psyche is used interchangeably as some religious atheists are uncomfortable with the term God).

Dreams deserve respect. It seems as though it may be best for religious leaders who do not understand this to stay in their lane on teaching about spirit/Holy Spirit. Dreams are in the realm of soul/Psyche which is not a study nor art profusely common in religious culture. They don't like it when secular spheres show hostility towards The Bible. Likewise, those who revere the immaculate creation of Psyche and how she operates don't appreciate it when realms of dreams are denigrated.

Furthermore, intuitions and gut instincts also deserve respect. All of these strengthen in their communication the more one honors them and the more women are in touch with the currents of their monthly cycles. Just like the sun can relay information upon the time of day, so too can the moon disseminate information about the tides of the sea, moods in the collective, and the hormonal waves of women. Understanding moon gnosis is not "an evil," but a birthright for women. Coupling the moon with evil is clever misogyny.

It's time for not just the secular spheres but the conservative spheres also to de-couple "witch" from "Luciferianism." It is little wonder why mainstream culture characterizes witches with scary warts, disproportionate noses, and unsavory agendas. Mainstream culture is patriarchy, and patriarchy finds feminine power threatening. Demonizing it is a sure way to keep multitudes from embodying it. Given the wars of consciousness plaguing the human race, the more spiritually awake and physiologically attuned humans, the better. Deception is thick and it preys on disembodied people. Embodied wholeness is an attribute which blossoms from being attuned to self, to the body, to the natural world and to God. Feelings, dreams and instincts are all pivotal parts of the journey.


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Douglas writes:

Great article, and timely. Please check out my essay which describes the critical role of moonlight on the nomadic matrilineal clans of our Stone Age ancestors. At

Rosie writes:

The piece reveals the deep powerful strengths given to the woman by her Creator. These attributes are not made clear to the young nor are they honored. Instead she is given medicine to control her mood changes or she is made to feel like a “crazy “ out of controlled teenager. An eye opening piece.