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Reportedly 5,000 Russian contract servicemen rioted in the #Russian city of Belgorod and refused to go to fight in #Ukraine, reports Obozrevatel.

Formally, the rebellious contractors said participating in hostilities in Ukraine is not provided for in their contracts

The Observer can't independently confirm this story, but is generally considered a reliable, not Ukraine government website. A mutiny among Russian soldiers or mercenaries would be major news, if true.

"It seems that something has begun to be suspected in Russian Belgorod. As it became known to OBOZREVATEL, a real riot among servicemen of the Russian Federation took place in the Belgorod region, which borders Kharkiv, Lugansk, Sumy regions. About 5,000 contractors, who were hastily assembled to be sent to Ukraine, refused to go to fight for Putin on the territory of our state.

Formally, the rebellious contractors argue their refusal to participate in hostilities in Ukraine by the fact that this is not provided for in their contracts.

At the same time, according to our sources, the real reason that forces the Russian military to risk being prosecuted by the authorities is fear. Employees of the occupying army are really shocked by the professionalism of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the huge damage in equipment and manpower that Ukrainian soldiers have already caused to the Russian Armed Forces and other power units that Russia sent to Ukraine.

Even though the military and political leadership of the Russian Federation officially declares that Russia does not suffer any losses in Ukraine and that no Russian soldier died on Ukrainian soil, despite the fact that any real data on what is happening in Ukraine is blocked in the Russian Federation as much as possible - the information still seeps through the barriers of the information blockade. And the same contractors learn that on the territory of Ukraine in just three incomplete days of hostilities more than 3.5 thousand soldiers have already died, a huge amount of aviation and military equipment, including tanks, has been destroyed.

And the fact that Russian armored vehicles turned out to be defenseless not only to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also to ordinary Ukrainians who began to burn APCs of the occupiers with the help of "Molotov cocktails" does not add optimism to the Russians.

We advise you to follow the example of contractors from Belgorod and servicemen from other regions of the Russian Federation.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported that the help of air defense partners is already going to Kiev. More and more Western countries are transferring weapons, shells and modern weapons to the Ukrainian army. According to official authorities, military assistance is already coming to Ukraine, which will help the Armed Forces of Ukraine to clear the land of the occupiers even more effectively."


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