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In #China, People are Starving For Food while Locked down In Their Apartment Blocks in #Shenzhen due to #Covid-19

They can't even order takeout, because someone may steal it. "We've been told this extreme lockdown may last for another week or two"

A very vivid picture has emerged of mandatory lockdowns in Shenzhen Province. Sometimes called China's Silicon Valley, Shenzhen province has a population of 20 million people. The following is from a post on Twitter:

I'm in Shenzhen now, where I live. The video of the man being shamed for climbing the fece for food is the desperation we can all feel after just one week.

The building I live in is completely shut off by a big metal gate that's guarded 24/7. Tests are done every day.

When I told the building manager I was working during the testing time, he said I may be arrested by the police for "rejecting and avoiding being tested."

You aren't allowed out at all, not even to shop for food or water. No passes or temporary permits allowed for my building, because we had a close contact (with Covid) living here a week prior.

I had to use my kettle to build some clean water to drink.

All you can depend on is getting food delivered through apps like Meituan or Eleme etc. Even then the stores open and close frequently, many things are out of stock and orders are frequently cancelled.

If you're lucky enough to get things delivered, you need to run out to the gate and get it quickly or you risk your meal being stolen by desperate and anxious people. It's so strange because I then see friends in other districts or cities with freedom. We've been told this extreme lockdown may last for another week or two.

I have never experienced this type of restriction and I was here when the virus first appeared and spread. How easy it was to take freedom away from people in this manner and so quickly.

At first, I always admired Chinese people for how resilient and adaptable there are in the face of these situations. But now I see the clearer picture. They have no choice.


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