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Gov. of Belgorod, Russia Says Ukraine Fired a Rocket at an Ammunition Dump, Setting it on Fire

RIA Novosti correspondent near the site of the fire in Belgorod said people in the city heard a loud explosion.

The Ukraine Armed Forces, outgunned as they are, apparently pulled off a rocket attack on an ammo storage facility across the border in Russia early Wednesday morning, April 27 2022 local time.

"In the vicinity of the village of Staraya Nelidovka, previously, an ammunition depot is on fire. There is no destruction of residential buildings and victims among the civilian population - Governor of the Belgorod Region Gladkov." this a post from Mash, a local news source in Southwestern Russia.

"The head of the region said earlier that he woke up from the explosions. Meanwhile, a video appeared on the network with flashes over the area."

"The governor of Belgorod said there is a fire at an ammunition depot near Staraya Nelidovka. A CCTV video shows a flash in the sky, possibly from anti-aircraft missiles." tweeted Rob Lee, a respected arms expert.

Rob Lee also posted "Video from Kursk possibly of Russian air defenses in action..... RIA Novosti correspondent near the site of the fire in Belgorod. He said people in the city heard a loud explosion."

Ukrainian armed forces are widely believed to have pulled off a raid in Belgorod ten days ago. Belgorod is 54 KM inside the Russian border with Ukraine; about 30 miles.


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