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Rent Control Board Commissioner Nicole Phillis Resigns Thursday Night

At a tearful conclusion to the bi-monthly meeting, she asks that her seat not be filled prior to the November Election

5.12.22: Rent Control Board Commissioner Nicole Phillis announced Thursday evening that she was resigning her position on the Rent Control board. Apparently Phillis is moving away from Santa Monica, and that is a requirement for her to sit on the board.

"I am with a heavy heart resigning," Phillis said, her voice choking with emotion. "Effective on the adjournment of this meeting tonight. And to represent people that are often forgotten on this board. I appreciate the openness and inclusiveness of this board. I think it is a place where the real grass roots activists do the less glamorous work that keeps our residents in the City. And that is what I love about it."

She's grateful and proud "and leaving Santa Monica is very bittersweet. I would ask that upon my resignation that this board not fill my seat with an appointment because we are so close to the election. It would give an unfair advantage for someone to fill my seat,"

"I hope that that decision will continue to allow people who run for democratize office with those who don't play the insider baseball to serve because this is a deeply democratic community of those who are diverse in so many ways. The best way to serve democracy is through an elective process not an appointment and I want to conclude with my gratitude for you all. We've worked together in the trenches and in campaigns and I know we all care deeply abut this community."

Steve Duron, Chairperson said it had been a pleasure working with her. "Your commitment to the City is unquestionable. To the people, to renters, to really fighting for what you believe," Duron said.

The Rent Control Board sets rent increases for Santa Monica, and hears some disputes between landlords and tenants.


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