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Amber Heard: Depp Lost His Finger During the Same Binge When He Took MDMA Pills and Penetrated Her With a Bottle.

"I was bent over backwards on the bar," she said, while Depp penetrated her with a bottle. "He grabbed my vagina, said "you're not so tough" while he held me there.

5.20.22: Friday, Amber Heard testified that during a three day series of events, Johnny Depp lost the tip of his finger. He also penetrated her with a bottle, and he took 8 or 10 MDMA pills. She even testified as to the make of the bottle, and produced a picture of it.

This during re-cross examination by Johnny Depp's female attorney Camille Vasquez. "It was horrible what happened to me, yes," she said. This in March of 2015.

Depp also smashed a wall mounted phone "to smithereens," while screaming "I fucking hate you" she testified. "At some point he's on top of me, no phone, but screaming the same thing. I just remembered the sound, yes.

When he was assaulting me with the bottle he had the phone in his hand. When he was smashing the phone, he had the phone in his hand. He smashed the phone before he assaulted me with a bottle, but i have never testified as to the sequence of events.

"I was bent over backwards on the bar," she said, while Depp penetrated her with a bottle. "I felt pressure on my pubic bone as if Depp was punching me. I felt as if I were being penetrated with a bottle."

Amber Heard said this was the make of the bottle that Depp used to penetrate her on March 8, 2015. This while Vasquez displayed a photo of Jack Daniels.

She and Depp were then living in a house in Australia. Dr. David Kipper came as well as a nurse Debbie Boyd. Kipper treated both Depp and Heard. "Do you remember your deposition?"

"You flew back to Los Angeles the next day with Ben King, and Travis McGivern who picked you up at the airport. You saw your own nurse Erin Fellate, right? She testified she saw you on March 9, 2015, the day after you arrived back in LA."

"You did take two pictures of the bathroom mirrors, right? And Mr. Depp had written on the mirrors in black paint? yes. And this was after he had injured his finger and assaulted you. And you didn't capture yourself in the mirror."

Bathroom mirror Depp allegedly wrote "She loves naked photos of herself. So modern, so hot."

Did you write "call Carly Simon, she said it better" while your husband is walking around the house with a severed finger? Carly Simon wrote, you're so vain, right?" That's what I was told, yes.

Atty: "After you assaulted him with a bottle, you were the one who pursued him because he was not work it out with him."

"I have a mixed relationship with Johnny. One in which I'm scared, one in which I'm in love. This was a man who tried to kill me. Of course I'm scared, but he was my husband," said Heard.

"Clearly I can't figure this out, I feel so lost right now" you texted to Dr. Cowan.

At her 30th birthday party: "He grabbed my vagina, said "you're not so tough" while he held me there." For her 30th birthday party she and 2 girlfriends went to Coachella. She made a video to the tune of Miss You, which was not a reference to Johnny. "That's ridiculous." She felt sick after taking MDMA and mushrooms.

Heard told the court that she earned $1 million for playing Mera in Aquaman and twice that amount for the Aquaman sequel, in which Mera reportedly only appears onscreen for 10 minutes.


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