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Ukrainian Intelligence Sources: Russian Pres. Putin Fell into a Coma After an Unsuccessful Operation

Kremlin is urgently developing a scenario for the transfer of power, according to report.

If you are skeptical about rumors concerning Russian President Vladimir Putin's health, I can't blame you. Putin, 69, has been said to have cancer and various other health problems for ten years. An ordinarily reputable Ukrainian publication reports that Putin is in a coma following cancer surgery. Here is the report:

At the disposal of OBOZREVATEL was information received from intelligence about the deterioration of the health of the Russian dictator - allegedly after an unsuccessful surgical intervention to remove a cancerous tumor, Vladimir Putin fell into a coma. The secret services, citing their sources in the Kremlin, reported that Putin's entourage began to prepare the so-called "transit of power" - to look for a successor to the "throne". Like it or not, it will be possible to check very soon, when the Kremlin will comment on the refusal to negotiate between Ukraine and the Russian Federation at the level of presidents.

According to intelligence, the President of the Russian Federation is in intensive care, where his life is supported with the help of artificial life support systems. Putin allegedly showed all the signs of inhibition of brainstem reflexes, his body does not respond to pain. The head of the Russian Federation is in a state of destructive coma, intelligence sources say.

The dictator's entourage, in all likelihood, decided to hide information about Putin's condition. They plan to keep everyone in the dark until the Kremlin determines who will be the successor to the Russian president.

Canadian Ukrainian Volunteer tweeted this on Tuesday evening, 6.14.22:

Take this news with a grain of salt, but what they're saying is that following an unsuccessful operation (pun), #Putin is in a coma. He's allegedly in intensive care, showing all the signs of inhibition of brainstem reflexes, and his body does not respond to pain."

He cited to this article in Obozravetal, a lively Ukrainian online publication:

Maria Pevchikha, one of Alexei Navalny's lawyers, tweeted that he has been transferred and disappeared within the prison system. This is relevant because he is the most obvious alternative to Putin. He "is missing from the Pokrov penal colony. He didn't show up for the meeting with his lawyers today. We have no further information on where Navalny is being taken," tweeted Pevchicha.

"Navalny is the only opposition leader with any real following & even a remote chance of becoming an alternative to Putin/Putinism. The Kremlin has tried to eliminate him on many times. If Putin murdered him, the US must act swiftly & impose severe costs on Putin & Russia," tweeted chess champion Gary Kasparov.

Anyway, the article from OBOZREVATEL continues: Until a successor is determined, his double will appear in public instead of the Russian leader, which will allow creating the desired image for the media.

It is expected that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov may soon turn to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with a request that he announce the long-awaited meeting between Vladimir Putin and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, which will also have to be attended by the Turkish leader.. Presumably the intent of setting a date for such a meeting is to dispel rumors of Putin's medical condition--rumors which may in fact be true.


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