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US and UK Spy Chiefs Agree: "There Is No Evidence" That Russian President Vladimir Putin is Sick or Dying

Perhaps it was just wishful thinking, but there is no real evidence that Putin will disappear from the scene anytime soon due to health.

7.21.22: He has been speculated to have Parkinson's, poisoning and various forms of cancer. I have speculated as much as anyone else, but US and UK intelligence chiefs are in agreement that Vladimir Putin, 69, appears to be in good health and in no risk of dying.

"There is no evidence" that Putin is ill, MI6 chief Richard Moore told reporter Jim Sciutto, echoing what CIA Director Bill Burns said on July 20th.

Putin is said to be expecting another child with Russia's secret first lady, Alina Kabaeva. The kid will be her 4th and Putin's 8th and reportedly came as a surprise.

Some say the rumor of a child is intended as a testament to Putin's virility; i.e. to dispel rumors about the President's health by saying he is strong enough to be a father again. Other's say she's simply pregnant again.

"Then there’s the COVID paranoia and the excessively large tables. Either the man is sick in the body or in the mind," tweeted one woman, pointing out that Biden, not Putin, is actually sick with Covid.

"Average life expectancy for Russian males is around 70 years old, Putin's age. Putin sits at 20 meter long tables and it's for a reason. There is at 70 normal age related health issues and from some videos I've seen Putin definitely has a few health issues," tweeted one armchair political watcher.

Anyway, wishful thinking never makes good foreign policy.


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