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Man Who Beheaded his Girlfriend in San Carlos, CA Domestic Attack Was In the US Illegally

Jose Solano Landaeta entered the country on a tourist visa about ten years ago, say ICE sources. He never left.

Immigration sources confirm that Jose Solano Landaeta, the suspect who beheaded a 27 year old mother of two in a San Carlos, CA neighborhood September 8th, was in the United States illegally. Jose Solano Landaeta, 33 from Venezuela, entered the country on a tourist visa about ten years ago, say ICE sources. He never left.

Landaeta is said to have swung a Samurai sword at his ex-girlfriend's neck, separating her head from her body. First responders were said to have been revolted by the scene.

The unspeakable incident unfolded at 11:55 am near Laurel Street and Magnolia Avenue, reported Bay Area news station KRON4. Some sources say her two children were watching, but the County Sheriff's office denies this.

CPS took custody of 7 and 1-year-old girls. 1 dog and two cats in the house. Suspect 33-year-old Jose Solano Landaeta was detained at 12:02pm September 9th. Law enforcement sources say the victim had restraining order against Landaeta since April. He has criminal priors.

Authorities withheld the victim's name until her family has been notified. Sources say the two knew each other and previously dated. Earlier this year, the victim reportedly had a temporary restraining order against Landaeta, now in custody on murder charges. The victim leaves behind two young daughters, ages 7 and 1, as reported by People.

San Mateo County Sheriff's Office officials shared that "deputies were flagged down" in the city of San Carlos as witnesses tried to report "an assault in progress." Within minutes, deputies were on the scene, however, the woman was already beheaded. The department called the heinous act an "isolated incident." They added that, "There is no outstanding threat to the community" but did ask citizens to avoid the area, if possible.

Child Protective Services took custody of the victim's two children, both girls, 7 and 1 years of age, along with a dog and two cats that were in the house, ABC 7 reports.

Karina’s grandmother, Danielle Gannon, told KGO that Landaeta was “a diagnosed schizophrenic on meds.” She added: “He would use that as an excuse for his behavior,” she said. “He drank excessively and you’re not supposed to do that on those kind of medications.”


Reader Comments(2)

Flaobserver writes:

The killer's illegal presence in California is an inconvenient truth. Don't ask & don't tell. Illegals are just good people who need a break. Cali loves its illegals & prioritizes them over citizens. Good luck with that Calif.

Julesy writes:

Thank you for doing actual reporting. The media has worked very hard to not report on this, as they always do in such cases. Shame on them.