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Shooting in Venice Wounds Two, One Critically on Hampton and Rose Ave

Reportedly a gun battle with dozens of shots fired leaves one man in the hospital

9/14/22: Two men were apparently injured and taken to a local hospital, after a gun battle on Hampton Avenue near Rose in Venice beach Thursday night.

One man was shot in the chest and is reportedly in critical condition. Another was shot in the leg. According to the Citizen app, "EMS reported one person was in critical condition following the shooting and was en route from the scene to a nearby hospital."

An earlier report stated that "a man has been murdered in a gun battle, with dozens of shots fired. The suspect fled up Hampton towards Rose. Still on the loose."

"Witnesses reported hearing 46 shots. This was a furious gun battle. The suspect is still on the loose," the report said.

This is breaking news. Link to video on the Citizen App:

Two Shot, One Critically, in Oakwood @CitizenApp

Hampton Dr & Rose Ave 10:48:51 PM PDT


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