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In Remarkable Video, a Russian Army Officer Instructs Mobilized Men to Purchase Tampons To Seal Off Bullet Wounds

"The only thing the army gives you in uniforms, armor. That's it."

In a remarkable video, a female Russian officer instructs newly mobilized men, that they will need to source their own gear such as sleeping bags, and medical packs. She tells them to go buy tampons and sanitary pads from pharmacies in order to use as bandages.

"The only thing the army gives you in uniforms, armor. That's it. Don't laugh at this, but ask your wives, mothers and sisters to buy tampons. YOu know why? Because you can use them to stop a bullet hole from bleeding. You put the tampon in the hole, and it expands. I have seen this in Chechnya," she says.

"I say right away if you are near the fire, you are fucked. Guys, take care of yourselves please."

Link to the Video:

Separately, European officials say 300,000 Russian men have left Russia in the last 2 weeks, to avoid the draft. "Ukrainian women and children are in Poland and Rumania, while Russian men are in Georgia, Estonia and Finland," one wag pointed out.


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