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Ukraine Army in Major Breakthrough Through Across Russian Lines in Northern Kherson Province, Heading South Along Dnipro River

25,000 Russian soldiers are said to be surrounded in the right bank of the Dnipro river, with no way to cross but swimming

Last week the Ukraine Army pushed the invading Russians out of Kharkhiv province. Today, we are hearing of Ukraine military successes in the South.

"Reportedly, Ukrainian defenders broek through the Russian line of defense in Dudchany and advanced on Beryslav. According to Pro-Russian channels, the situation in Beryslav for the Russian invaders is dire, Ukrainian defenders are fiercely attacking," writes Giorgi Revishvilli, a Fulbright scholar at the Bush School of TAMU.

"Advance does not necessarily imply that UA defenders actually covered the whole territory, which is impossible to do in that short period of time. But, more likely concentrating forces in that direction," Revishvilli added.

"Russian pages are sounding the alarm about Kherson," said weapons expert Rob Lee. "One says Russian forces have fallen back to Dudchany, another says the situation could soon become critical, another says Ru forces need to prepare for urban warfare and that Ukraine is hitting their lines where they are weak."

25,000 Russian soldiers are said to be surrounded in the right bank of the Dnipro river, with no way to cross other than abandoning all of their equipment and swimming. The bridges in the region are all damaged, and cannot bear the weight of a tank or armored personnel carrier.

The Kherson region is strategically important to both sides because it borders on Crimea and the Black Sea. This could be a major turning point in the 7.5 month old war.

In his address on Oct. 2, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukrainian Armed Forces have liberated 2 more settlements in Kherson Oblast adding to the list of territories liberated by Ukrainian soldiers.

Zelensky also stressed that Ukraine's counteroffensive success is not limited to Lyman, a city Russian forces have used as a supply hub to launch attacks in the northern part of Donetsk Oblast since it was captured in May. Lyman was fully cleared of Russian forces on Oct. 2.


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