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We Like the New California Law Punishing Doctors for Delivering Covid-19 Misinformation: Here's Why

Doctors pushed Covid boosters that increased the liklihood patients would contract Covid; they should be punished

I'm all for doctors being subject to discipline for misinforming patients with false or misleading statements about COVID-19. In fact, could we make this law retroactive, and hold doctors accountable for not having kept up with evolving facts as the understanding of the disease evolves?

-- Kaiser Permanente did a study on over 120,000 insurance enrollees and found that the thrice-vaccinated were more likely to get COVID than the unvaccinated.

-- Australia, having one of the world's most aggressive coercion programs to force vaccines on its people has now all but given up on Covid vaccines for most adults. There were more COVID deaths this year in Australia than in each of the past two years and nearly all the deaths were in the vaccinated and boosted.

-- Denmark, Norway, Israel, England, Scotland, Germany are all reporting similar trends.

If our doctors aren't following these updates and instead are still robotically pushing for more vaccines, they need to re-evaluate just how remiss they have been with their patients regarding vaccine efficacy.


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Donut writes:

You can't make laws retroactive to arrest or punish someone. If it was legal at the time they did it, it's not fair to say it's now illegal, sorry you did it, now go to jail.