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 By Jill Chapin    Opinion    August 28, 2023

Stop the Incineration of our State

Wildfires. Hundreds of lives lost. Thousands of homes destroyed. Millions of people without power. Billions of dollars in damages. Everyone seems to opine on where to point fingers for the...


We Like the New California Law Punishing Doctors for Delivering Covid-19 Misinformation: Here's Why

I'm all for doctors being subject to discipline for misinforming patients with false or misleading statements about COVID-19. In fact, could we make this law retroactive, and hold doctors accountable...


Whiplash and the Media Regarding New Covid Boosters

September 5, 2022 - As the latest vaccine aimed at Omicron is about to be unleashed upon us, it would be helpful to all who can read to pay attention from one paragraph to the next when trying to...

 By Jill Chapin    Opinion    July 15, 2022

Shame on Santa Monica

If you have walked our iconic bluffs overlooking the ocean, you will find discarded cans, old backpacks, blankets and clothes on the other side of the concrete railings that spoil the otherwise...

 By Jill Chapin    Opinion    April 19, 2022

As Dr. Fauci Says, We Don't Yet Know What We Don't Know

In my recent article, News not Fit to Print? some responded in a way that is best summed up by this one reader: "I genuinely believe that Dr. Fauci is a dedicated and HONEST public servant. Clearly...

 By Jill Chapin    Opinion    April 9, 2022

News Not Fit to Print?

I read an article in the Observer with the headline stating that 80% of covid deaths in a one-week period in Los Angeles County in March were among the vaccinated. Although this was astonishing...


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