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  • Masking up Again? Yes? No? Depends on What Fauci Said When

    Jill Chapin, Special to the Observer|Oct 2, 2023

    As we are starting to see Dr. Anthony Fauci in the news again to tout the benefits of masking, we should take the time to follow his directives on this during the past several years. At the beginning of Covid, he went back and forth on the usefulness of masks. In January, 2020 he said they don't work. He doubled down on this two months later when he said people shouldn't be walking around with masks because they're not providing the perfect protection that people think it is. Interestingly, the...

  • Stop the Incineration of our State

    Jill Chapin, Special to the Observer|Aug 28, 2023

    Wildfires. Hundreds of lives lost. Thousands of homes destroyed. Millions of people without power. Billions of dollars in damages. Everyone seems to opine on where to point fingers for the mind-numbing fires we are enduring across our state. But the following fires here in California show a common denominator in each tragedy: - In 2003, San Diego Cedar Fire investigators determined that fires broke out in three areas, scorching 273,000 acres, caused when San Diego Gas and Electric power lines...

  • We Like the New California Law Punishing Doctors for Delivering Covid-19 Misinformation: Here's Why

    Jill Chapin, Special to the Observer|Oct 27, 2022

    I'm all for doctors being subject to discipline for misinforming patients with false or misleading statements about COVID-19. In fact, could we make this law retroactive, and hold doctors accountable for not having kept up with evolving facts as the understanding of the disease evolves? -- Kaiser Permanente did a study on over 120,000 insurance enrollees and found that the thrice-vaccinated were more likely to get COVID than the unvaccinated. -- Australia, having one of the world's most...

  • Whiplash and the Media Regarding New Covid Boosters

    Jill Chapin|Sep 9, 2022

    September 5, 2022 - As the latest vaccine aimed at Omicron is about to be unleashed upon us, it would be helpful to all who can read to pay attention from one paragraph to the next when trying to understand the risks and efficacy of this latest shot. Recently, a major newspaper was disingenuous when it led us to believe that the unvaccinated were significantly more likely to get covid, be hospitalized or die than their vaccinated counterparts. This is true only if they acknowledged the CDC’s d...

  • Shame on Santa Monica

    Jill Chapin, Santa Monica resident|Jul 15, 2022

    If you have walked our iconic bluffs overlooking the ocean, you will find discarded cans, old backpacks, blankets and clothes on the other side of the concrete railings that spoil the otherwise majestic ocean view. While the rest of Palisades Park is kept up beautifully, the bluff's rim is riddled with trash. I asked a Parks employee about it and he said they weren't allowed to go over the fence to clean it up because it was too dangerous. So that's it? Are we out of ideas on how to safely...

  • As Dr. Fauci Says, We Don't Yet Know What We Don't Know

    Jill Chapin, Special to the Observer|Apr 19, 2022

    In my recent article, News not Fit to Print? some responded in a way that is best summed up by this one reader: "I genuinely believe that Dr. Fauci is a dedicated and HONEST public servant. Clearly if the vaccine was not effective, men like Fauci would not let it go unreported. Think about it. There would have to be a massive coverup involving thousands of people across the country to hide or even obfuscate a statistic that the vaccines were as ineffective as your cited statistics claim." Yet...

  • News Not Fit to Print?

    Jill Chapin, Special to the Observer|Apr 9, 2022

    I read an article in the Observer with the headline stating that 80% of covid deaths in a one-week period in Los Angeles County in March were among the vaccinated. Although this was astonishing enough, what caught my attention even more was that the statement was allowed to even see the light of day. I've been searching everywhere and have seen no counterpoint in any media related to questioning the safety and efficacy of the covid vaccine. I wanted to first verify the numbers, needing to...