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Reader Happy SMOBSERVED.COM Had the Courage to Report on Pelosi's "Corrupt Left Wing Regime"

"I lived in Santa Monica most my life and watched as the City of LA and their Left Wing Racist Politics gradually took hold over the whole State."

Thanks so much for the story about Paul Pelosi's Gay Romp!!

I am absolutely Shocked that anyone in Santa Monica would have the courage to stand up to the likes of Madame Pelosi and the Ruling Class of CA.

I'm grateful that anyone in CA would tell the truth about NewScum's Aunt and Uncle. And He IS a Scum for how he has allowed CA to sink even Further into the pit of his Corrupt Left Wing Regime.

I lived in Santa Monica most my life and watched as the City of LA and their Left Wing Racist Politics gradually took hold over the whole State.

I have also watched as the Homeless situation gradually grew from the 70's while we let in Every illegal and Political Exile, feeding them housing them and giving them FREE education with monthly payments while the good American citizens RECIEVED NOTHING OF THE LIKE, supported them as the cost of living, housing and taxes Grew higher and higher.

The Politics are Not for the people including the Homeless but instead cater More to the Illegals who get the Free Housing, Medical, Food Stamps, etc And FREE Education while the hard-working citizens support and pay the high taxes and Salaries for the Political Elite. And especially the good people of Santa Monica where the average Rent is now $2000 to $3400 per month.

I left the State just before the riots. 150 stores Destroyed. Small businessmen losing Everything and will most likely Never recover. BLM and Antifa did a great job of ruining the lovely community of Sana Monica with the help of George Soros' funding. They were encouraged to bring down our middle class. And did Anyone spend a Day in Jail? NO!!! Of course we know that it was all in the plans While the Jan 6 people are Still locked up.

Santa Monica has always done a great job of keeping everything out of the news. Of the 150 stores demolished in the riots...NOTHING, Nada was reported on the news as it was in other cities during the summer of Love. My friend watched on Live TV as her Pharmacy was destroyed on Pica Blvd. As reported on the news; 'It was Just a Peaceful riot'...Shame on all of them for Not calling in the National Guard DURING the Riots and essentially Allowing it to happen. God Knows the Citizens in Sanaa Monica who pay the highest rents And Taxes in LA County Deserved more help.

It's No wonder 50 of the 58 Counties in CA want to separate from the for a New California. Only then will I move back.

I both Dare and Hope You Publish this. It may wake a few others up from their sleep and see what the Ruling Political class in Every level of Government in CA has been Gradually doing over the years.

Rose Marie Stef, An Ex Citizen of Santa Monica.


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HarveyMushman writes:

I'm impressed you ran the story about Pelosi and his visitor who came in Paul's backdoor for sure...