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About to Walk the Dog? Dog Owners Warned That Their Pets May Consume Drugs on Los Angeles Sidewalks

Drugs are legal in California, and pets are finding THC, edibles and other products when they're outside in our neighborhoods

"Pet owners please be aware!" says a Post on Twitter. We've anonymized the names.

"I walked Rover at 5 PM last night. When I came home at midnight he was lethargic and having difficulty walking. When I took him outside his back legs barely worked correctly. Of course I rushed him to the hospital."

"When he walked in to the hospital, he went to sit down and fell over on his side. The med tech knew exactly what it was. Ready for this? He was stoned."

"On our 5 PM walk he must've gotten Into THC and ate it. This, of course, was the best case scenario. I had visions of a stroke and having to call my daughter, to let her know there was more bad news."

"He had no munchies and slept it off and was perfect today. Please be careful with your animals. The hospital worker said that they are seeing more and more adult dogs and cats coming in with THC methamphetamine and heroin in their systems. Truly unbelievable."

Drugs are legal in California. Crime, homelessness and other problems have resulted from their nearly universal use. This is just another to add to the list.


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