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President of Peru Impeached; Venezuela's Maduro Closed 78 Radio Stations; Russia Today to Train Nicaraguan Propagandists; VP of Argentina Sentenced to Prison for Corruption and Other Stories: InterAmerican Watch


China, Russia and Cuba are among the countries with the highest Internet censorship

As for Latin America, there are two countries with the mark of "not free": Cuba (20 points, fourth in the ranking of the worst) and Venezuela (30 points)....Read more >>


Venezuela is a strange piece of the incoherent puzzle of Biden's energy policy

The Treasury Department issued limited sanctions relief for oil production in Venezuela, following talks in Mexico City between a section of the Venezuelan opposition coalition, the "Unitary Platform," and the illegitimate regime of the South American nation of Nicolás Mature....Read more >>



Cristina Fernández is sentenced to 6 years in prison for corruption

The vice president of Argentina, Cristina Fernández, was sentenced on Tuesday to six years in prison in a trial for irregularities in the concession of road works during the Kirchner governments (2003-2015)....Read more >>


Interamerican Institute for Democracy

21st century imperialism

There have been many generations of Latin Americans who were formed understanding that imperialism was the superior phase of capitalism, just as Lenin said. Of course, no one ever wondered how it was possible to explain Chinese imperialism from the 221 BC to 1912 AD centuries or the Roman imperialism from the 31 BC to 476 AD centuries when the capitalism that was consolidated from the 19th century did not yet exist. Because the idea was not to understand history but to prosecute the United States, the leading country of capitalism....Read more >>


It's not democracy, it's oil

At least not yet, since the most notable thing that emerged from the dialogue in Mexico between Maduro and his opposition de él was what the White House was interested in, that Chevron could once again extract oil....Read more >>


Why Not Jeffersonian Ward Republics?

It was not supposed to be this way. The United States was not conceived as a gigantic, cumbersome, highly centralized state. The Founding Fathers envisioned an American polis weighted much more towards local and regional governments than to a central national state. To this end, Thomas Jefferson forcefully promoted his concept of a "ward republic."...Read more >>



The NGO Human Rights Watch warns of the undemocratic electoral reform of López Obrador

The constitutional changes that are being debated this Tuesday in Congress "contravene international human rights standards" and, if approved, would allow the president to perpetuate himself in power, according to the non-governmental organization...Read more >>



"Nicaragua lives under a police state", denounces opposition journalist in exile

"Nicaragua lives under a police state" and is heading towards a "dynastic dictatorship," denounced journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro Barrios, in an interview with AFP in Paris, where he is due to collect an award on Monday for imprisoned opposition member Dora María Téllez. ...Read more >>


RT, the channel that defends Putin that will "train" Ortega's propagandists

A group of journalists from the Russia Today (RT in Spanish) chain will be in charge of "training" the propagandists of the media owned by the dictatorial family in Nicaragua. During their stay in Nicaragua they signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Communication and Citizenship Council, an entity invented and directed by Rosario Murillo to handle the "information" disseminated on the battery of radios, television channels and websites of the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega....Read more >>



Interfering and destabilizing activism of Fidel, Chávez and Maduro

Long before the arrival of Hugo Chávez to power in Venezuela, Castroism was quite active in its systematic desire to destabilize the governments of the continent, either through armed struggle, opening guerrilla pockets where they believed that the situation had arisen for putting the foquista adventure into practice or stirring up agitation when the opportunity presented itself to promote street fights against the governments victims of their conspiratorial plans....Read more >>



Peru's President Pedro Castillo replaced by Dina Boluarte after impeachment

Peru has a female president for the first time, after ex-president Pedro Castillo was impeached - hours after he tried to dissolve parliament. Dina Boluarte - previously the vice-president - was sworn in after a dramatic day in Lima on Wednesday....Read more >>


Handcuffed and in a helicopter, Pedro Castillo arrived at the prison where Alberto Fujimori is being held

Pedro Castillo was transferred this Wednesday night to the headquarters of the Directorate of Special Operations (Diroes), a police headquarters in eastern Lima, where former president Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000) is being held. There he will spend the next 48 hours in the company of Aníbal Torres, the jurist and former president of the Council of Ministers who will assume his technical defense....Read more >>


Ministers resign from their posts and describe what Pedro Castillo did as a self-coup

The Chief of Staff, Betssy Chávez and 12 State Ministers have announced that they are stepping aside in the government of Pedro Castillo....Read more >>


Pedro Castillo dissolved the Congress of the Republic and was dismissed for moral incapacity

Pedro Castillo sent a message to the Nation this Wednesday, December 7 and announced the dissolution of the Congress of the Republic....Read more >>



Chevron will take control of an oil plant in Venezuela

Chevron will use the facility to process heavy crude from Venezuelan fields for shipment to US refiners in the Gulf of Mexico under a sanctions waiver granted by the Treasury Department last month. The first shipment of one million barrels is expected to be loaded later this month....Read more >>


The Maduro regime closed 78 radio stations in 2022, the highest number in a year in Venezuela

Venezuela closed 78 radio stations so far in 2022, the highest number recorded in a single year, as explained on Monday to the EFE news agency by the director of the NGO Espacio Público (EP), Carlos Correa, who explained that the Radio stations went off the air by order of the state National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel)....Read more >>



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