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Venezuela Has Inflation of 305% and "Hunger Protests;" Former Bolivian President Evo Morales Accused of Fueling Deadly Protests in Peru; Maduro Seeks to Create "Bloc" of South American Countries Supporting Russia and China and Other Stories: InterAmerican Watch Newsletter

Nicaraguan leader Ortega seeks to imprison Bishop Rolando Alvarez; Soccer money-laundering scandal


The dark intentions of Evo Morales in Peru: fuel protests, dominate the south of the country and seek to legitimize Runasur

Despite the fact that the former president of Bolivia is prevented from entering the country by orders of the Dina Boluarte government, he still has influence in the national territory and seeks to return to continue expanding his Runasur project...Read more >>


Argentina as the operations headquarters of Castrochavismo

After the announcement of Evo Morales, to create a "coordinator" in Buenos Aires to consolidate his operations in Latin America, they warn that he seeks to promote secessionist movements in South American countries...Read more >>



Maduro was criminally denounced in the Argentine Justice for crimes against humanity

The Argentine Forum for Democracy in the Region (FADER) filed a criminal complaint against Nicolás Maduro, Daniel Ortega and Miguel Díaz-Canel before the Argentine Justice to be investigated for crimes against humanity committed in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba , respectively....Read more >>



Bolivian legislator denounces that an indigenous group brought ammunition into Peru to destabilize the country

Bolivian deputy Erwin Bazán of the Creemos party joins the complaints that the indigenous movement "red ponchos" entered Peru with ammunition to destabilize the country....Read more >>


Interamerican Institute for Democracy

China and the limits of détente

Facing the slowest economic growth since the launch of Deng Xiaoping"s reforms in 1978, China appears to offer evidence of an attempted detente in its traumatic relationship with the United States. According to observers, after having achieved an unprecedented third term as head of the People's Republic, Xi Jinping could be showing signs of seeking to stabilize the link with the US and its Western allies....Read more >>


Democracy under siege and the boiled frog

It does not seem to be a good time for democracy. The United States had its January 6th and now Brazil has its January 7th. Two years apart, but many elements in common. They are not unique. Also Peru, with an attempted coup by former President Castillo, and many victims later. Before, the coming to power of presidents Petro in Colombia and Boric in Chile, was preceded by much street violence....Read more >>


The wisdom of the Electoral College

The United States is a republic, not a democracy. We owe this distinction to the ageless wisdom of the Founding Fathers. Think about it this way; suppose you live in a condominium building of ten apartment units. Nine of the units are occupied by a single person. The remaining unit is occupied by an extended family of ten....Read more >>


"Quo Vadis Brasil": a colloquium of leaders and academics explored the prospects for democracy in the South American power

The Interamerican Institute for Democracy held this Tuesday in Miami, United States, the Quo Vadis Brazil colloquium, which offered different perspectives on democracy in Brazil, and was broadcast live on YouTube....Read more >>



Daniel Ortega offers "banishment or prison" to Rolando Álvarez, the bishop most critical of the regime in Nicaragua

Because the Sandinistas have not managed to banish the bishop from the Diocese of Matagalpa, the ruling party has opened a political trial against him to increase the pressure against the priest...Read more >>


Nicaragua: Nicaraguan French family sentenced

A Nicaraguan judge found guilty this Wednesday (01.18.2023) three relatives of exiled opposition member Javier Álvarez, including his wife and daughter with dual French and Nicaraguan nationality, for whom the Prosecutor's Office requested sentences of up to 10 years in prison, reported the affected....Read more >>



Evo's lieutenants in action: they operated at ease in Lima, Cusco and Apurímac

Evo Morales's stalwarts operate at full speed on Peruvian soil. Three months ago, in October 2022, Félix Cárdenas Aguilar, one of the lieutenants of the former Bolivian president and promoter of a Constituent Assembly in Peru, was in Peru promoting the roadmap to follow....Read more >>


Runasur, Puno and Evo Morales: the former Bolivian president's plan in Peru and why he is accused of being behind the protests in that region

The violent demonstrations in the country have caused the death of more than 40 people and dozens of injuries since December. The former Bolivian president must make a virtual statement before the Prosecutor's Office for the alleged crime against national public security...Read more >>


United States

FIFA Gate: the trial for the millionaire bribery scandal in football began in New York

The mega scandal over bribery in soccer, known as FIFA Gate, finally sat down on Tuesday in the dock two former executives of the American company Fox and the Argentine agency Full Play. In the trial that began in New York, those indicated must answer before the Justice for the charges of corruption, bank fraud and money laundering....Read more >>



"Hunger wages": the biggest protests in years shake Venezuela in the face of annual inflation of more than 305%

The minimum monthly salary of a teacher is 10 dollars and that of a university professor between 60 and 80 dollars a month....Read more >>


Maduro said that he spoke with Lula, Petro and Alberto Fernández to join the ideas proposed by Putin and Xi Jinping

The Venezuelan dictator says that he will build a bloc of support for Moscow and Beijing with his regional peers. Such an alliance "will bring more prosperity," he promised...Read more >>



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