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Transgender Day of Vengeance Trends on Twitter, After Several School Shootings Where the Perpetrators were Transgender.

In the wake of the Nashville shooting at a Christian school by a transgender shooter, some try to organize Transgender on Christian Violence.

Someone is promoting violence against Christians on Twitter. This after a mass shooting by a transgender man named Audrey Hale at the Covenant Christian School in Nashville Tennessee.

The shooting killed 6 people at the School on Monday, including 3 children. Hale was said to have once attended the school. Twitter suspended Marjorie Taylor Greene, among others, for re-posting the promotional poster for the purported "event."

The tweet reads as follows: "Kill a christcuck. Behead Christcucks. Roundhouse kick a christcuck into the concrete. Slam dunk a christcuck babe into the trashcan. Crucify filthy christcuck. Defecate in a christcucks food. Launch christcucks into the sun. #transdayofvengance"

"Twitter is now cracking down on those who promote the trans day of vengeance poster, which mostly comprises of trans militants, who are calling for a day of mass violence. Do not share the poster, or you could be caught up in the bands to prevent mess violence from happening," tweeted Ian miles Cheong.

"Correct," replied Ella Irwin, whose blue check mark says that she works for Twitter's Safety division. "We had to automatically sweep our platform and remove >5000 tweets retweets of this poster. We do not support tweets that incite violence, irrespective of who promotes them. Vengeance does not imply peaceful protest. Organizing or support for peaceful protests is OK."

In the wake of the Nashville shooting at a Christian school by a transgender shooter, someone tries to organize Transgender on Christian Violence.

"Trans rights or else. On Trans week of visibility, are you promoting vengeance or something else?" asks Brandon Brown.

The Urban Dictionary online defines a "Christcuck" as an overzealous Christian.

Transgender Week of Visibility had been planned since February. What's new is that some are now suggesting #transdayofvengance as the culmination of this week. Which is called #transweekofvisibility.


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