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Other brands included Stylish Sportwear brand Juicy Peach which showcased it's unique sports west collection. And brilliant sunglasses from Austrian brand Silhouette

Cannes, France- 5th June, 2023--For the most glamorous film festival in the world, the Cannes International Film festival, DPA was the host of a celebrity-gifting suite. This year the premiere Media company set out to treat the stars to an array of exciting and cutting edge brands and products. Held in the legendary JW Marriot, from 17th May till 25th May, a Cannes a watering hole for many a star, dubbed as "Palace of the stars",the Cannes Gifting Suite was attended by number of celebrities and PR influencers.

This year guests were lucky enough to be introduced to a unique Japanese healthcare brand,Sakai Clinic 62. This is a collaborative research clinic in Japan specializing in regenerative medicine. The clinic boasts the world's highest quality bone marrow stem cell supernatant fluid.

The other Japanese brand was D-Trad, who were gifting guests with their signature product- a unisex Scalp essence. This product is known to restore hair volume and promote great scalp health.

From Japan we move to Paris where we were gifted with beauty products from Energecia. This brand is Quantum Beauty which uses the interaction of light and skin cells to reveal a new, multi-dimensional beauty. It combines holistic skincare with neurosensory frequencies to restore the skin's harmony.

Another Parisian brand present was the stunning scarf brand Petrusse Paris. Petrusse boasts a exquisite collection of scarves and shawls straight from their Atelier in Langon. Their products can also be found in their showroom in Paris.

South of France candle and fragrance brand Lothantique was also present and they were gifting guests with either a decadent Candle or a room scent with a delicious scent. We also received beauty products from The Lab Room, known for their unique botanical cosmetics.

Guests were also presented with the latest collection from accessory brand the House of Donaldson- which has been delivering confidence through custom fashion since 2011.

DV creations, a French style luxury jewelry brand showcased guests it's prestigious collection of gold and diamond jewelry inspired by the Gardens of Orangery at the Palace of Versailles.

We then traveled through to Africa where we were introduced to Azana. This exciting African brand is redefining African luxury- with a conscience. Azana has exceptional bags, crafted with traditional techniques which celebrate African heritage. It also supports local artisans and uphold fair trade ethics.

Travel is always an element in a DPA Gifting lounge and this year DPA did not disappoint. Just some of the amazing trips for guests included a stay at The Relais and Chateaux's Le Taha'aIsland Resort and Spa, in French Polynesia, 5 minutes away from Bora Bora.

The other travel getaway featured was The Greenhouse Hotel in Iceland. Guests were offered a complimentary 3 night stay at the all inclusive hotel.The sustainability-focused and design - led boutique boasts stylish contemporary rooms and is ideally located for access to waterfalls and glaciers.

One of the highlights of the suite was the French startup Fazup, specialized in amazing anti-wave patches, for cellular phones. Fazup reduces the waves of 99%. This was a welcome gift for myself and other guests alike.

We were Introduced to a great jewelry brand TOHUM. Tohum finds the inspiration for it's designs from the unique stories, forms and materials to create one of a kind pieces. Guests were gifted with a beautiful chic piece.

Swiss handbag designer Raffaella Metzger had beautiful handbags from her brand, De Marquet showcased at the suite and celebrities were gifted a piece to rock the Red carpet with.

Another handbag brand present was By Ninette- an eco-ethical and vegan fashion handbag brand. The designs were as elegant as they were mindful and sure to be a winner at this year's Cannes events.

Other brands included Stylish Sportwear brand Juicy Peach which showcased it's unique sports west collection. And brilliant sunglasses from Austrian brand Silhouette. This is an iconic eyewear company operating since 1964!

Finally the suite featured Little Giraffe- blankets that are Uber soft while being unbelievably light-weight. They possess an heirloom quality which retains it's luxurious feel with every wash.

The suite also featured Sparkling Are Water, bespoke Champagne from Champagne DN Domaine de Nuisement and French Macrons .

"The DPA Cannes gift lounge will strike again on the Croisette of the Cannes film festival as guests will be gifted amazing and luxurious international products" said event producer Nathalie Dubois. The Cannes gift suite 2023 was one of the premiere retreats at the Cannes film festival

and welcomed many a-list celebrities and jury members present at the film festival.

DPA was the first company to ever establish a "gift lounge" "suite cadeaux" or gift suite" on the Croisette, and is today the ONLY marketing company to have established official partnerships with the biggest film or TV festivals worldwide and every year, it continues to amaze its stars and medias guests.

DPA, a leader in celebrity gifting was founded by Nathalie Dubois- Sissoko, whose vision was to show her genuine appreciation to well deserved TV and Film artists who have inspired and uplifted audiences through their work by gifting them with some of America's most exciting products.

The Founder Nathalie stresses that attributes her success to having access to unique and global exotic products and services at her Gifting events. "Celebrities want what's new and exciting – they want something different! Different is what they get at the DPA suites, as Nathalie originally from France, handpick products from all corners of the globe. She also wants the DPA suite to act as a platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the country that are looking for a great opportunity to get their products in the hands of image makers and social influencers within the entertainment industry. This is what makes DPA stand out amongst the very many gifting suites.

About DPA and Nathalie Dubois: A veteran in the production of star-studded events, Nathalie Dubois, CEO of DPA, has proven herself to be exceptionally innovative and successful in the realm of celebrity gift suites. Originally from France, Nathalie Dubois attributes her success in part to her world travels and the exotic cultural influences of the products she picks for her unique gift suites. DPA run normally luxurious and spectacular gifting suites in LA, the weeks of various award shows, but also can be seen in the biggest film festivals such as Cannes, Veniceor Toronto. DPA also opened its first Asian office in Tokyo, Japan in 2017, facilitating her work with the Asian market

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