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Wagner Mutineers Are Halfway to Moscow, With Little Resistance From Russian Army. Putin Calls the Rebels "Traitors," and Vows to Crush the Mutiny.

What began as a limited rebellion, has become a serious threat to the Government in Moscow.

Events in Russia are moving almost too quickly to follow. Reuters is reporting that the Pirgozhin Wagner mutiny has taken Voronezh. This city is on the way to Moscow from the military town of Rostov, which Prigozhin secured Saturday morning.

"Wagner PMC reports they have taken control of military objects around Voronezh and the Russian army there has chosen to side with 'the people.' They mean Wagner PMC," said a tweet from Igor Sushko and others. Voronezh is six hours by road from Moscow.

Apparently the nightmare scenario is unfolding for Putin, who addressed the country at 9 am Saturday in Moscow. Putin called Wagner a traitor. "Those who organized a mutiny, which is a deadly threat to our nation and our people. Our actions to defend our motherland against this threat, will be severe. The one who betrayed Russia (i.e. Prigozhin), will be held accountable by law. The armed forces have been given the necessary orders," said Putin

Wagner PMC technicals (trucks with machine gun mounts) took down a Russian army helicopter near Voronezh, according to reports. At least 2 Wagner trucks were also destroyed in fighting between Prigozhin's men and units loyal to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

In videos released to Social media, Prigozhin said that 1000 men a day have died recently in fighting in Ukraine. He accused the Ministry of Defense of understating casualties. These are amazing revelations in Russia, where no one has been honest about the conduct of the war in Ukraine.

"The jet of the Belarus Dictator Lukashenko 🇧🇾 family took off from Belarus and is now in the sky over Turkey 🇹🇷," tweeted Visegrad 24. "Upon entering Russian airspace, the aircraft turned off the transponders and turned them on only over Kalmykia, when exiting Russia 🇷🇺."


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