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Whatever your motives are for turning over Santa Monica to out of state criminals, while self serving your social justice crap, has not gone well, for anyone.

To: The Santa Monica City Council, The Santa Monica City Manager, and the Santa Monica Police Chief Subject: My city is gone

I wasn't going to write an email, because I didn't think it would do any good. Upon reconsidering, it will do ME good to convey my anger and sadness at what my city has become.

I never go out alone. I drive to work with mace in my lap. I shutter when someone pounds on my door and screams crazy obscenities at 3am. I read the crime reports on social media, because YOU refuse to tell us or warn us about anything.

I don't wear my wedding ring or any jewelry anymore, and rarely carry a purse, because of the drive up armed robberies. I haven't been to the Promenade to support the businesses in years, but walked it several months ago with my husband.

It was full of crazy vagrants, smelled like piss and poop, and was very scary. It was also empty, both the store fronts and the

promenade itself - word has gotten out, FINALLY!

Whatever your motives are for turning over our city to out of state criminals, while self serving your social justice crap, has not gone well, for anyone.

Why have you done it? WE deserve answers, transparency and the RESPECT of you providing answers. The current police chief and city manager have done NOTHING to calm fears, and have been caught misrepresenting actual crime statistics, and have tied the hands of officers. Officers in turn are rude, unsympathetic and uninterested in our various crime reporting.

Everyone tells you about the crime, or maybe their experience with it, but you hide statistics, discourage reporting and insult 911 callers at their greatest time of need. You give everyone a false sense of security.

I just want to know how you sleep at night, and what do you recommend to me, and other terrified residents to be able to do the same? You are in charge of the safety of millions of residents, workers and tourists, and you you continue to fail at it, every day, while patting yourselves on the back for doing a great job.

Well, I don't feel better, so I will continue to shop online and ship my purchases to my office, and shop in other cities, to starve you of sales tax revenue at every opportunity.

The crime, corruption and callous disregard for public safety is catching up to you. Over $200 million in lawsuits for hiding a pedophile ring and squashing the voting rights of minorities for decades is just the beginning. You continue to create liability for taxpayers by your incompetence and massive egos.

Saying you should be ashamed of yourselves is hardly accurate - but as the stabbings, robberies, rapes, home invasions, car jacking, and MURDERS get more publicized, sooner or later, you will have to do something -

But I don't believe I will ever see it, SANTA MONICA IS NOT SAFE! -- Lori Emerson


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