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Star of Movie 'Mundije' Fatmir Bardhoci Hosts Red Carpet Wrap Party At Hollywood's Bourbon Room.

Comics Max Amini, Tash Mose, Christine Peake, Maxi Witrak and Cat Ce Brought The Laughs

The Bourbon Room in Hollywood was buzzing with the red carpet wrap party of the upcoming movie Mundije. The film is the brainchild of Fatmir Bardhoci who served as writer, producer, director & lead actor. The lucky guests and audience were treated to an introduction to the film by Bardhoci and were shown a two minute sneak peak of the flick before the comedy show commenced.

The cast and crew were treated to a red carpet cocktail hour and Hollywood experience followed by a stellar comedy show starring A-List comedian Max Amini, hosted by the hilarious Maxi Witrak and featuring Cat Ce, Tash Mose, Christine Peake and more.

The film is an high action/drama based on true events. Ilir Luma, a martial arts master, specialized in the Pelasgian art of fighting "MUNDIJE", escaped alone the communist regime, when he was only 14 years old, after he witnessed a poet who got hang in the city of Kukes, in Albania 1988. His dream was to live in a free country like United States. An incredible journey full of sacrifices and emotions. In Germany, at a Taekwondo school, he met Ana, who became his student and his girlfriend.

Ilir gave her a promise: to be there for her, whenever she needs him. 30years later that time arrived. Ana god kidnapped and sent to Mexico. Ilir risks his life to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend, and fights against the most dangerous fighters in the world. After rescuing her, both of them destroy the most criminal mafia clan in New York and Tijuana, Mexico.

Mundije 2 is already in the works.


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