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Hamas kills 40 babies and children - beheading some of them- at Kibbutz Kfar Aza in Israel

Evidence of atrocities committed by Gaza's ruling Hamas Party, Surfaces 4 days after assault on Southern Israel.

Evidence that babies beheaded by Hamas operatives, have been found in Israel 4 days after the surprise attack by about 2500 Hamas "soldiers".

i24NEWS Correspondent @Nicole_Zedekreports that Israeli babies beheaded by Hamas terrorists have been found at the Kfar Aza Kibbutz. Report may be seen at

"They chopped heads of children and women," says David Ben Zion, Deputy Commander of Unit 71 to @Nicole_Zedek, while reporting from the massacre in Kfar Aza in southern Israel. "One of the commanders said at least 40 babies were killed, some of them with their heads cut off. None of them have ever seen brutality like this." Report may be seen at

Israel has raised the death toll of its citizens to 1000. The number of Hamas terrorists killed is above 1500.

"Hamas really knows how to unite the world in hating Hamas," tweeted District Police.

"This sounds like propaganda. Have we seen the actual photos of dead babies? " tweeted on Hamas apologist.

Black Beth Dutton tweeted: "I hate that we have pictures of this. War used to be for the strong men we sent to go fight it. Now it's like we're ALL there. Go get them all. 💔"

4 days later, they're still continuing to go through some of these houses in this very southern Israeli community, and remove the Israeli citizens that were killed inside their homes' i24NEWS Correspondent @Nicole_Zedek reported live from Kibbutz Kfar Aza

"Imagine the worst things possible that can be done to humans,” tweeted Fox News war correspondent Trey Yingst, who has personally seen some of the violence. "Hamas did all of that and more to Israeli civilians. Babies beheaded. People burned alive in their homes. Women raped and dragged through the streets. Don’t look away.”

Editor’s note: After initially posting this story Tuesday morning, we took it down because we could not verify that all 40 babies and toddlers were beheaded. The Israeli army did verify that 40 children, most quite young, did die during the Hamas invasion of Israel Saturday, and that some were babies beheaded in their cribs. Therefore, we believe the story is accurate enough to post online.


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