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Israel vs. Hamas War Continues For 5th Day, as Deaths, Injuries, Continue to Rise

Hamas invasion of Israel Leads to Counter by Israeli Army

1) At least 1,000 Israelis and 830 Palestinians have been killed, with thousands wounded on both sides

2) The prosecutor for the International Criminal Court said the court's mandate applies to the current conflict, as it has an ongoing investigation for alleged war crimes committed since 13 June 2014.

3) A senior Hamas official denied reports that Iran was involved in the planning of the Palestinian attack on Israel.

4) A Palestinian Liberation Organization official said that Israel refused a request to bring food and medical supplies into Gaza.

5) US President Biden gave a public address on the Israel-Palestine war. He said at least 14 Americans have been killed so far and that the US is surging increased military assistance to Israel. He made no mention of Israel's large-scale bombardment of Gaza or its decision to impose a full siege.

6) Thousands gathered in Amman protest in solidarity with Gaza.

7) The EU foreign policy chief said that while Israel has the right to defend itself, some of the decisions it has made are against international law. He also said that stopping aid to Palestinians would be a mistake. The EU has announced that it will not suspend payment of development aid to Palestinians. After stating that it was putting all 691m euros ($728m) of development aid to Palestinians under review, the EU later said it would review payments to ensure they are not being misused.

8) UK Home Secretary Braverman sent a letter advising that the police should consider whether to view acts like waving the Palestinian flag or chanting "from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free", as a crime

9) 177,000 people in Gaza are sheltering in UNRWA schools.

10) Turkish Airlines suspended flights to Israel until further notice, according to several Turkish media reports.

11) The number of French citizens killed in the attacks in Israel rose to at least eight.

12) Sweden is temporarily halting development aid to Palestine/

13) Turkey's Erdogan said Israel has 'no right' to cut off water to Gaza.

14) The Scottish first minister called on the UK government to push for a corridor to evacuate civilians from Gaza. He also revealed that his parents-in-law are "trapped" in Gaza, amid four consecutive days of Israeli air strikes

15) Renewed gun fights between Israeli troops and Palestinian fighters were reported in Sderot, Israeli media.

16) Israel's military announced that its army was firing artillery at rocket launch sites in Lebanon.

17) Heavy rockets hit Ashkelon with casualties reported

18) Rockets were fired simultaneously from Lebanon and Gaza towards Israel, with sirens blaring in southern and northern Israel

19) Two members of Hamas' political bureau, including an economy minister of the Gaza-based administration, were killed in Israeli air strikes.

20) An Israeli military general doubled down on his defence minister's labelling of Palestinians as "human animals" and vowed to give them "hell."

21) Egyptian fuel trucks and relief materials were filmed leaving the vicinity of the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt.

22) A military source at the Jordanian military denied reports that the US army used a base in Jordan to transport supplies to Israel, according to Jordanian media.

23) Sirens were activated in Tel Aviv and across Israel, the Israeli army said

24) Russia's President Putin said the sharp escalation of the Israel-Palestinian conflict was a vivid example of the US' policy failure in the Middle East

25) The spokesman of Hamas' Izzideen al-Qassam Brigades said Ashkelon residents should leave the coastal Israeli city before 5 pm local time (2pm GMT).

26) An Israeli army spokesperson said that "accuracy" is not the primary concern when it comes to attacking the Gaza Strip

27) Israel said it will bomb trucks carrying supplies from Egypt to Gaza, according to Israel's Channel 12

28) The Palestinian health ministry in Gaza said it is facing difficulties updating the death toll regularly due to disruptions to internet and communication networks

29) PM Netanyahu's Likud party released a statement saying that all coalition partners in the government now favour the creation of an "emergency" national unity government


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