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Analysis: How the New York Times Internet Site Plants Inaccurate and Slanted Info into the News Stream

An initial headline (and story) comes out, not accurate and not balanced. Then it's corrected, but remains forever on the Internet.

Left are two headlines (both Nov 24th from, of the identical story, a couple of hours apart. This happens frequently with the New York Times.

An initial headline (and story) comes out, not accurate and not balanced. To be followed later by revisions, which correct the headline (and story) and "center" it to a degree. *But the first headline and story are what enters the stream of news and tilts the worldwide news narrative.*

The initial headlines and stories then are erased and superseded by followup headlines and stories.

It's as if this is a "method" used by the New York Times. "Plant" a slanted headline and story, then adjust it later to avoid criticism. But for a few critical hours (or days), the initial slanted headline and story create the news which is immediately picked up by other news outlets and goes viral.

This is exactly how the Al-Ahli Hospital story unfolded at the NYT: At first the NYT reported Israel targeted a missile at the hospital and killed 500 people. Different VERSIONS of the headline and story came out while Israel said it was investigating.

At the end, it turned out the New York Times was dead wrong as it was a Palestinian missile that misfired on its way towards Israeli civilian targets and fell on the parking lot of Al-Ahli Hospital. And then it became apparent that the death count reported by the NYT (BASED ON Hamas numbers) was inflated five fold.

By the time the New York Times changed the Al-Ahli headline and story, it was too late and the original NYT story was carried all over the world. And all the initial tilted and erroneous stories just disappeared, to be replaced by subsequent versions.

The NYT does this repeatedly.

It is time the New York Times be held accountable and responsible for this method of reporting. Be alert for this method of altering the news, for it is a kind of disinformation.


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