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  • Analysis: How the New York Times Internet Site Plants Inaccurate and Slanted Info into the News Stream

    Phil Isaac, Special to the Observer|Dec 4, 2023

    Left are two headlines (both Nov 24th from, of the identical story, a couple of hours apart. This happens frequently with the New York Times. An initial headline (and story) comes out, not accurate and not balanced. To be followed later by revisions, which correct the headline (and story) and "center" it to a degree. *But the first headline and story are what enters the stream of news and tilts the worldwide news narrative.* The initial headlines and stories then are erased and...

  • Gaza War Reporting by the New York Times "The Daily," Reveals a Bias in Favor of Hamas and Against Israel.

    Phil Isaac, Letter to the Editor|Nov 27, 2023

    Today I listened to Patrick Kingsley's report on his visit to Gaza on the NY Times " The Daily". The reporting showed a clear double standard by Kingsley in favor of Hamas. Why? Kingsley and the NYT accept facts and figures reported by Hamas as "true" while demanding a higher level of proof from Israel. This is now a systemic tool of NYT reporting. When shown the entrance to a deep and well constructed tunnel entrance, right next to Shifa Hospital, Kingsley said that he couldn't verify that it...