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Everest Climbers Pass Numerous Bodies of Unsuccessful Hikers On Their Way to the Summit

Mount Everest is not as tall as the ego of the people, men mostly, who try to climb it. At 29000 feet, Everest is the height of a commercial airline flight.

At 29002 feet tall, Everest is the world's tallest mountain. Oxygen must be carried up the path for most people to complete the trek, due to the thin air at the height of a commercial airline flight.

For over twenty years, numerous mountaineers ascending Mount Everest have encountered "Green Boots," a deceased climber who lost his life near the summit in 1996. "Green Boots' body serves as a grim milestone for climbers, indicating their proximity to the summit.⁠ Despite ongoing uncertainty about Green Boots' identity, his remains are among several that tragically mark the route to the top of the world's highest and most perilous mountain.⁠"

Everest has so much trash that the Nepalese government requires hikers to carry 20 pounds of trash down the mountain with them, on the descent. Green Boots is an unknown hiker, killed on his way to the summit of Mt. Everest in Nepal.

Mount Everest is not as tall as the ego of the people who try to climb it., tweeted Hugo Ascencio.

Mount Everest is covered in waste, including 26,500 lbs of human excrement. The Nepalese government now requires climbers to pack 8kg of waste when descending the mountain.

Native Sherpa carry the burdens of climbers up the mountain.


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