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Roosevelt 5th Grader Runs a Yearly Craft Fair, Raises Funds For Westside Food Bank and a Local Animal Rescue Group

Jack Baker helps provide 20,000 meals for the less fortunate. He wants kids to know that they can make a difference.

Jack Baker, 11, helps provide 20,000 meals for the less fortunate. The Craft Fair has grown and he wants to include anyone who'd like to participate. So that more kids will know that they can make a difference, explains his mom.

"We have a current 5th grade student who just raised 6000 for the Westside Food Bank," explains Jen Goldman, teacher at Roosevelt Elementary School. "He runs a yearly craft fair that he works on year round. I thought it might be a story you'd like to run for the community. He's an amazing young man," wrote Ms. Goldman.

"My son, Jack, is a kind, hard working, empathetic human," writes Cindy Maloney, Jack's mother.

"We started doing a lemonade stand when he was in kindergarten and gave 1/2 the money raised to a local animal rescue group. ($20). He realized then, that that money could buy a bag of food for animals and make a big difference in their lives."  

"The next year, when he was in 1st grade, we talked about doing something a little bigger and held a craft fair in December and raised a little over $500."

"Covid hit and we started making things year round, so when we held the next craft fair came along and he was in 3rd grade, it had become a year round project. He and his friends raised over $1800.  He is dedicated year round."

"I do a weekly art class with him and some friends, and in the summer we occasionally do things for the fair (soap, bath bombs, lavender, ceramic trinket dishes etc...)  I have a ceramic studio and kiln, so he (with some supervision and guidance) makes things."

"Jack's best friend has been involved since the beginning.  His best friend came up with a logo, "BFF made by kids for charity" with a heart in the middle.  The idea is that kids can make a difference."

"The West Side Food Bank can provide 4 meals with every dollar raised. Last year they raised about $5300. So that's over 20,000 meals. The Craft Fair has grown and he wants to include anyone who'd like to participate. So that more kids will know that they can make a difference."

"His former kindergarten teacher had her class make cards, he has two sisters who make bracelets, and another friend who makes felt ornaments, and hot chocolate packets decorated like reindeer.  "

"Another family got involved last year and this year they made tea towels and t-shirts stamped with hand carved wood block prints and some baked goods.  We also try to hold craft days where friends help (this year they harvested lavender - to dry and make sachets, made bath bombs, soap, small ceramic dishes etc...)

"Jack and his best friend made organic jam, ceramic napkin rings, ceramic trees and mulling spices and tie dyed bags, napkins, tea towels etc.. Friends help by loaning tables, setting up, spreading the word, helping on the day of, baking something etc... this year they have raised a little over $6700 so far. The sale was last Saturday, December 2nd on our front lawn.  

"Jack has also written about it and had "the week junior" magazine publish a picture and article twice. He wants kids to know that a small effort can make a big difference." 


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