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Brazilian singer Pedro Henrique, 30, collapses and dies suddenly during a live performance.

In staggering video, the singer collapsed on stage and could not be revived. Some on social media blamed it on the Covid vaccine.

In video posted to social media on 12.14.23, Brazilian gospel singer Pedro Henrique, 30, collapsed and died suddenly during a live performance. The cause was not certain. Members of the crowd look confused after his collapse.

"Pedro Henrique, popular Brazilian gospel singer, died after he collapsed on stage during a performance on Wednesday. Record label Todah Music made the announcement on Thursday, paying tribute to the 30-year-old and showing support to his family."

The horrifying video may be seen here:

No cause was immediately released. But some on social media blamed it on the Covid vaccine. "Perfectly normal in healthy 30yo people these days. Nothing to see here. Go get your boosters" tweeted underlord.

"God called this man home whatever the reason. What a beautiful voice.”

"My father was talking to me on WhatsApp when I asked him a question and he didn't respond anymore. Dear ones, our life is like a candle flame that cannot resist the blow of a wind.” a woman posted in Portuguese. "A cardiologist explained this to me, it can happen to any of us... the heart simply stops."


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