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Hamas Politburo Members Evacuated from Qatar to Teheran, After the Qataris Could No Longer Guarantee Their Safety

The move suggests there are no longer ongoing negotiations over hostages or a ceasefire, as Hamas Politburo members move to save their own lives.

Multiple reports from Hamas sources say that Hamas politburo members residing in Qatar, have been evacuated to Teheran. This after local officials said they could not guarantee their safety. Their families also moved with them, as well as important staff

Osama Hamdan, Hamas spokesman who resides in Beirut, is now the most senior Hamas official in the forward area, i.e. anywhere near Israel. Ismail Haniyeh, the President of the Hamas Politburo, lived in a five star hotel in Qatar with personal assets of about $4 billion. He lead the politburo, which ordinarily would have had 10 members.

The Israelis had promised Qatar they would not attempt to assassinate Hamas officials in Qatar, while the Qataris were acting as intermediaries in hostage negotiations. Therefore, the move suggests there are no longer ongoing negotiations over hostages or a ceasefire.

Some reports said the Politburo members were moved to Beirut, Tehran and Algiers-i.e. they were distributed to various friendly cities, so as to thwart the Mossad. Israeli President Netanyahu has sworn to kill all the upper level leaders of Hamas, referring to them as "dead men walking."


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