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Golden Globes stars all flock to Santa Monica's Best Kept Secret - Tikkun Spa

Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Beckinsale, Lenny & Zoe Kravitz, Lizzo, Jason Momoa, Shakira, all beautify and relax at the wellness oasis.

Located in downtown Santa Monica since 2009 Tikkun Spa is still the number one spa destination for Hollywood A-Listers to relax, cleanse and beautify themselves ready for awards season or just to rejuvenate themselves from their busy schedules.

At the recent Golden Globes yesterday, the stars were glowing and looked flawless in their glittering gowns and tuxedos. They all shone on the red carpet after hours of getting ready with an array of stylists, hair and makeup teams, but many of them have something else in common. Santa Monica's Tikkun Spa! Golden Globe 2024 nominee, Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence (V Steam fan) Lenny Kravitz (loves the Tikkun facial) and Kate Beckinsale (V Steam fan) have all been pampered by the leading expert healers and technicians that Tikkun has to offer.

The stunning spa offers an array of rooms such as the Clay room, Ice room, Sauna, Eucalyptus steam room, Himalayan salt room and a huge jacuzzi, which guests can enjoy as they wait to be led to their private treatment rooms.

Tikkun founder/owner Niki Han Schwarz created this wellness oasis with her signature daily mantra which she applies to her own everyday life, "Heal yourself, heal the world." The savvy, stunning business woman is a prime walking example of what Tikkun can offer, she looks half her age and her dewy youthful skin is what most people covet and Tikkun can deliver. She tirelessly travels the world, always ahead of the curve, researching the newest ways to bring the best treatments to her loyal clientele.

She has created a sanctuary to provide a comprehensive sensory and spiritual healing experience.

At Tikkun, they combine the top healing practices from both Eastern and Western medicine with a focus not only on relaxation and pampering but aim to heal their guests on the spiritual, emotional, and physical levels too.

Tikkun also has on offer a Signature Couples Suite.This is a favorite of all couples who want to enjoy their treatments together, this feels like you are in your own private spa with its own jacuzzi and heated infrared onyx chamber. Be sure to book early if you are planning something special for Valentine's Day. They also offer a magnificent 'Couple's Tantra Journey'.

Now onto the talk of the town- Hollywood royalty Gwyneth Paltrow praised Tikkun Spa's 'V Steam' service on her lifestyle site, GOOP. "You sit on what is essentially a mini-throne, and a combination of infrared and mugwort steam cleanses your uterus, et al.," Paltrow, wrote on GOOP, touting the procedure's cleansing, "energetic release," and hormonal balance. Superstars such as Lizzo and Zoe Kravitz have also experienced the V Steam, which is based on an ancient Korean ritual practiced for hundreds of years. Using a blend of Chinese herbs, this steaming treatment stimulates the production and balancing of hormones to maintain uterine health, aids in regulating menstrual cycles, and clears up hormonal acne.

The V Steam also promotes fertility by enhancing the health of the reproductive system, warming the womb, invigorating circulation of the chi, and stimulating blood flow to the uterus. It also has slimming properties and can help to correct digestive disorders, promote detoxification, and burn body fat.

Other Tikkun fans include Hollywood heartthrob Jason Momoa and Shakira who both opted for the Tikkun facials. Pink and Dakota Johnson prefer a relaxing massage.

You don't have to be a Hollywood star to enjoy this beautiful destination, they offer many services and cater to all professionals from every walk of life.

Check it out and "Heal Yourself" you won't be disappointed.

To learn more about Tikkun Spa go to

or call 310-319-1111.

Tikkun Spa is located at 1460 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401


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