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British Beauty Entrepreneur Melanie Marlo's Weekly Majestic Breakfast At Ye Olde King's Head.

Weekly King's breakfast every Friday at 10am.

Ye Olde King's Head has a new weekly royal treat in store every Friday morning for anyone who loves everything British, particularly a world famous British Breakfast.

British local beauty Melanie Marlo hosted her first of many future weekly gatherings, where guests mingled, networked and made new friends as they enjoyed a selection of delicious traditional British fare.

The nostalgic Crown Room at Ye Olde King's Head was brimming with but not limited to just British guests, their motto is " all are welcome." An International flavor of guests is definitely on the menu.

The guests chatted about the monarchy, toasted to King Charles and even signed elegant get well cards for King Charles and Princess Kate who are both being treated for cancer. The thoughtful cards are to be delivered to the Royal Palace in London.

Patriotic Ms. Marlo's goal is to bring the community together, enjoy the best of British hospitality and create an environment where guests can relax, enjoy conversations and also promote their businesses to fellow guests.

"I am extremely thrilled to be hosting this weekly gathering, every seat in the Crown Room was filled and every contented guest expressed that they would be returning and had a wonderful time. We successfully created a sincere sense of community, who could ask for more than that?" Said Ms. Marlo.

The popular Santa Monica landmark is set to host a King's Breakfast get-together each Friday at 10am with a charge of $30 per person which includes a full breakfast and beverage of choice.

The good news is there is no need to make a reservation, guests can simply just show up promptly (April 12 is the next gathering) and every Friday after that to enjoy a hearty first class breakfast and conversation in the Crown Room.

Christine Peake

Guests dined on traditional British fare served on elegant traditional British China for a set price of $30 each

Judging by the number of thrilled guests at the initial breakfast, this is going to become a not to be missed weekly fixture for Brit's, Anglophiles or simply lovers of a good 'ole British Breakfast!

See you there!


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