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Santa Monica Rabbi Opposes Pro-Hamas Resolution Sponsored by City Councilmember Jesse Zwick

"It's not a subject I want our city council weighing in on and exerting its limited energy. That's not the duty of our city council."

A Santa Monica rabbi, Michael Gotlieb has asked his congregants to write to Santa Monica City Councilmembers opposing a pro-Hamas resolution before the Santa Monica City Council. The measure is sponsored by Councilmember Jesse Zwick and calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, with no conditions, at a time when Hamas is holding about 100 living Israeli hostages. No one is sure of the number, but 133 Israeli's are still missing since Hamas' unprovoked, vicious attack on Israel. The attack killed 1200 Israelis, including civilians, women and children. Gotleib emailed the following to congregants on 5/13/24:

My Dear Congregants,

The Santa Monica City Attorney, Doug Sloan, wrote a resolution he hopes to pass tomorrow evening (Tuesday, May 14) at the Santa Monica City Council meeting. The resolution states: "A negotiated bilateral ceasefire in Gaza and reiterating its condemnation of all anti-Semitism, anti-Arab racism, Islamophobia, and all forms of hate and incitement to violence."

You can read the resolution here:

I vehemently oppose it for a number of reasons. Here are just three (3):

It's not a subject I want our city council weighing in on and exerting its limited energy. That's not the duty of our city council.

I oppose any inference of moral equivalency between the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), with its extraordinarily humane and disciplined military, to that of the unconscionable evils of Hamas, which is a bona fide terrorist organization.

The resolution itself is nothing more than a string of platitudes; no historical context, neither modern nor ancient.

A hostage wanted poster

Read the resolution-to become familiar with what it is proposing. I recommend that you write (email) to our Santa Monica council members stating your opposition to it; their addresses are listed below. Indicate if you're a resident of Santa Monica. Do it today.

This is a time sensitive request.


Rabbi Michael Gotlieb

Santa Monica City Council Members:,,,,,,


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microcosme writes:

Finally, some common sense! Kudos to Rabbi Gotlieb.