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Level 8: Multidimensional Immersive Hospitality in the Heart of DTLA

A unique nightlife spot offering exceptional food, creative drinks and captivating entertainment all in one place.

Level 8 is a one-of-a-kind amalgamation of gastronomy, mixology, and immersive entertainment. In a collaboration between hospitality visionaries Mark and Jonnie Houston of Houston Brothers and Mitchell Hochberg of Lightstone, this visionary concept is a testament to creativity and the rich heritage and cultural diversity of Los Angeles. It's an expansive venue (30,000 sq. ft. on the eighth floor of the Moxy & AC Hotel in DTLA) transcending traditional dining experiences, inviting guests to 'choose your own adventure' with eight distinct destinations. Each space within Level 8 is meticulously designed to reflect a unique facet of global culture and culinary exploration, making it an innovative destination for locals and travelers alike.

The Adventure Begins and Ends at Mr. Wanderlust

Level 8 is more than just a collection of restaurants and bars-it's a narrative brought to life through the lens of its enigmatic founder, Mr. Wanderlust, whose adventurous spirit permeates every corner. From the moment guests step into Mr. Wanderlust, a lively piano bar and jazz lounge where aerialists gracefully swing from chandeliers, are transported into its namesake's adventurous spirit. The lounge is adorned with captivating artifacts and mementos, setting the stage for a night filled with live performances, jazz, burlesque, live hip-hop and more. Chill in one of the refined velvet seating areas, enjoy your expertly crafted cocktails and prepare for an evening of musical and worldly debauchery.

Courtesy of Level 8

Mr. Wanderlust

Hidden Speakeasy Restaurants and Unique Dining Experiences

From Mr. Wanderlust, secret passageways lead to two speakeasy-style restaurants. Maison Kasai an immersive French-Teppanyaki experience by Michelin-starred Chef Joshua Gil. Chefs expertly prepare tantalizing dishes like lobster with kosho corn custard and wagyu dumplings. The ambiance, inspired by Japanese expressionism, captivates with Art Deco-style decor and private dining spaces adorned with illuminated starburst patterns.

Courtesy of Level 8

Maison Kasai

The other hidden entrance reveals Lucky Mizu, a Japanese restaurant curated by Chef Hisae Stuck. It offers the art of cooking with water through seiro mushi and shabu shabu. Amidst the harmonious blend of elegance and creativity, diners engage in interactive dining experiences centered around u-shaped dining bars, with musicians serenading from a 40-foot Earth Harp.

Courtesy of Level 8

Lucky Mizu

Qué Barbaro, crafted by award-winning Chef Ray Garcia, invites guests to discover South American cuisine through live wood-fire cooking. The open-air design, adorned with lush greenery and tropical-toned fabrics, sets the stage for indulging in dishes like Provoleta and Dorada a la Parrilla.

Courtesy of Level 8

Qué Barbaro

Newly Opened Oyster & Champagne Bar Perfect For Mother's Day

Treat your mom to an unforgettable Mother's Day dinner at Mother of Pearl, the latest addition to Level 8's culinary scene. Located atop the outdoor terrace with stunning views of Downtown LA and the Hollywood Hills, this al fresco oyster and champagne bar is helmed by Michelin-starred Chef Joshua Gil. Enjoy dishes like Ocean's Treasures Raw Platter and Mom's Spaghetti & Meatballs, complemented by a curated selection of Champagnes and innovative cocktails by Beverage Director Melina Meza. Make your reservation via OpenTable for Thursday to Saturday evenings from 6 pm to 10 pm and celebrate Mom or any other special occasion in style at Mother of Pearl.

Chill Out on the Rooftop For A summer Escape at Level 8

Golden Hour, a rooftop oasis reminiscent of Miami-meets-Copacabana, will be the perfect summertime experience. A carousel bar and two swimming pools create a backdrop for savoring island-inspired cocktails against the backdrop of Southern California sunsets.

Courtesy of Level 8

Golden Hour

For those who want to continue the party, Sinners y Santos is a nightclub-style ethereal retreat inspired by Mexican luchador El Santo. Walk through a rose-covered room into Level 8's sacred enclave, where ornate chalices of agave cocktails accompany surprise performances celebrating the folk hero's legendary career.

The Brown Sheep-curated by innovative LA Chef Ray Garcia-promises comfort food with a global twist. Looking for a late-night culinary adventure? Enjoy "authentically inauthentic" street food favorites from a classic food truck with a modern twist-it's on the rooftop. The Brown Sheep features wagyu beef tacos, spicy Hot Chicken wraps, savory Jerk Quesadillas, beer-battered Baja Tacos, and unique Mushroom Chicharron. Don't miss the Lengua Cheesesteak or classic Basic Tacos with free-range chicken or flank steak. Indulge in these flavorful delights under the stars of Downtown LA.

Courtesy of Level 8

The Brown Sheep

Crafted Cocktails, Wines and Champagne

The beverage program at Level 8 is integral to the experience, featuring an innovative cocktail menu curated by esteemed mixologists. At Mr. Wanderlust, guests can indulge in a global cocktail journey, while Golden Hour offers tropical-inspired drinks perfect for LA's rooftop setting. Mother of Pearl boasts a selective Champagne selection and creative cocktails to complement Chef Gil's seafood creations.

The drink master's attention to detail extends to the wine offerings, with a curated selection that harmonizes with the diverse culinary offerings across Level 8's spaces. Whether a classic cocktail or a rare vintage Champagne, guests can expect a beverage experience that enhances every aspect of their visit.

Immersive Entertainment

Level 8 creates an unforgettable experience combining food, drinks, live performances and interactive entertainment. Each space within Level 8 is carefully crafted to tell a story and create an atmosphere of wonder. Trapeze artists gracefully descend from chandeliers, and musicians captivate the audience with melodies on a 40-foot Earth Harp. In a showbiz town, it's a bit of a theatrical event that invites you to immerse yourself in a world of creativity and excitement. If you are looking for something new to do in LA, this is a must-visit destination for an unforgettable night out.

Impact on LA's Dining Scene

Level 8 revolutionizes dining in Los Angeles, creating a multidimensional culinary wonderland that blends food, entertainment, and culture. This innovative concept is reshaping experiential dining and setting new standards in hospitality across the city. Each space within Level 8 invites guests on an adventure of flavors and excitement. As Los Angeles evolves as a culinary hub, Level 8 stands out, weaving together culture, storytelling, and exceptional cuisine into an unforgettable experience.

Level 8: Located in Moxy DTLA

Address: 1254 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Phone: (213) 886-8860

Wednesday and Sunday: 5 pm to 12 am

Thursday through Saturay: 5 pm to 3 am


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