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Mama's Boy: Farmer's Market Inspired Menu of Italian and Southern Flavors

Chef Wes Whitsell's innovative new venture located within Venice's Winston House

Venice is buzzing with exciting new openings, and Mama's Boy is a standout addition. If you're seeking a unique dining experience, look no further than Chef Wes Whitsell's latest culinary endeavor; he is the former chef of Hatchet Hall. This Italian dinner club with a Southern twist, inspired by Chef Wes Whitsell's roots and nestled within Venice's lively, revamped Winston House, promises to tantalize your taste buds and keep you entertained long after your meal.

An Unforgettable Opening Night

Invited to the Friends & Family opening, we loved being in Venice on a bustling Friday night and meeting Chef Wes, a self-proclaimed mama's boy, who warmly greeted us at our table. His enthusiasm for sharing his favorite Southern flavors was palpable, and his kindness made the evening even more memorable.

My date and I kicked off our evening with two delicious cocktails. The Satisfaction, an Old Fashioned with Noble Oak Bourbon, Brandy, Amontillado Sherry, Winston House Rare Character Whiskey, Pineapple Gomme, and Orange Oil, was complex and refreshing. The Blue Velvet, a Baybreeze with Vodka, Lime, Blueberry, Vanilla, and Pineapple Soda, offered a lighter, fruitier option. Mid-dinner, my date opted for the Sledgehammer-a Whiskey Sour featuring Highland Park 12 Year, Russel's Reserve Rye, Lemon, Dessert Wine, Pineapple, and Meringue-while I continued enjoying the refreshing Blue Velvet.

Chanin Victor

The vibe at Mama's Boy was a mix of energetic and inviting, reminiscent of an Italian restaurant with its casual, homestyle comfort. Yet, being nestled within the lively Winston House, it also exuded the spirited atmosphere of a supper club, where music and laughter filled the air, creating an unforgettable dining experience. And let's not forget all the Southern charm. The place buzzed with lively music and conversation, making it clear this was a spot where you'd stay entertained long after dinner.

Chanin Victor

Delectable Starters and Entrees

While we started on our drinks, Chef Wes brought us some Whitefish sashimi and the Black-Eyed Pea Hummus appetizer, served with pickled carrots and baby broccoli. This was followed by the Peaches and Burrata, a sweet blend of country ham, arugula, and balsamic. The savory Stuffed Mushrooms, filled with cream cheese and green garlic, were equally impressive.

Chanin Victor

Whitefish appetizzer

With an Italian theme, you know there's going to be pizza. For our main courses, we indulged in the Zoie pizza, topped with country ham, mozzarella, basil, and hot honey. The flavors blended seamlessly. Next, we savored Mom's Manicotti, his mother's recipe, featuring cottage cheese and venison ragu. The richness of the ragu paired beautifully with the creamy cottage cheese, creating a hearty and satisfying dish. The highlight of the evening was Chef Wes's Shrimp and Grits, a dish that perfectly encapsulated the Southern twist on Italian cuisine. The shrimp were succulent and flavorful, complemented by the creamy, well-seasoned grits. All of our choices struck an ideal flavor balance and we could see ourselves coming back to Mama's Boy again.

Chanin Victor

Stuffed mushrooms and Shriimp with Grits

Sweet Endings and More

For dessert, we chose the Strawberries & Cream, a refreshing and light dish reminiscent of a strawberry shortcake, topped with aged balsamic and mint. The strawberries were sweet and juicy, perfectly paired with the creamy, tangy balsamic and fresh mint.

An Evening to Remember

The dining experience at Mama's Boy doesn't end with the meal. As the evening progressed, the tables in the back and upstairs were moved aside, and the space transformed into a lively dance floor with a DJ, ensuring a fun-filled night. Chef Wes has created high-quality, meticulously prepared dishes that showcase his exceptional culinary skills and creativity. He focuses on using premium ingredients and innovative flavor combinations to deliver a memorable dining experience. With its blend of exceptional cuisine, inventive cocktails, and lively atmosphere, Mama's Boy stands out as a must-visit destination in Venice.

Chanin Victor

Plan Your Visit

Mama's Boy in The Winston House offers an innovative dining experience that harmoniously combines Italian and Southern influences. Booking ahead ensures you can enjoy this distinctive blend of flavors and vibrant post-dinner ambiance. Don't miss the opportunity to savor Chef Wes Whitsell's latest culinary masterpiece the next time you're in Venice.

Chanin Victor

If you go:

Mama's Boy at The Winston House

23 Windward Ave, Venice, CA, 90291


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