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Pro-Hamas Protestors Take Over Student Services Building at Cal State LA; University President Barricaded Inside

Police took no action as University president remained barricaded in an office of a building overrun by protestors.

Update, 6/13: Protestors left the student services building at 1:15 am, as did the University president and 12 or so members of her staff who denied having. been detained in the building. Thousands of dollars in damages were left by pro-Hamas demonstrators, in the form of graffiti, broken windows and damaged equipment.

Pro Hamas students and others numbering perhaps 30, took over a major building at Cal State University Los Angeles Wednesday afternoon and evening. They demanded the University divest from investments in Israel.

"8 hours into the @CalStateLA student services building occupation," tweeted Chris Christi from @ABC7News, "The entrance/exits are under the control of rogue pro-Pal activists and vandals. A handful of employees, Including the University’s President remain trapped and claim to be sheltering in place. (But deny being held ‘hostage’). No law enforcement intervention."

Campus police remained on the edge of the scene, at a parking lot. They took no actions to stop as the "protestors" vandalized the building with paint, and moved heavy copier machines to barricade the doorways.

Separately, UCLA removed campus protestors again on Monday night, this time from Dodd Hall.


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