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Santa Monica Pier Hosts Rebecca Ekman, Soulful Singer From Stockholm Specializing in Covers of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey & Beyonce

Her own music is about "surviving tough times and how everything will be alright. Life is fleeting, so enjoy the moment."

Can a redheaded Swedish singer find fame in Santa Monica, performing covers of songs made famous by Mariah, Whitney and Beyonce? Rebecca Ekman intends to prove that it's possible.

Ekman grew up in Forsmark, then in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. But she spends every other year in Los Angeles, "to live love and laugh. And move forward with my singing," she says.

As a child, Ekman attended music school, computer and music school. She sang most of the time, and learned to play a little piano. She shed her shyness to develop a soulful voice uncharacteristic of such a thin young lady.

"I started to sing when I was very young," Ekman, 31, says. "I grew up singing Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston songs. You should be a singer," people told her.

For years, Ekman performed and sang at weddings, birthdays and baptisms in her native Sweden. She produced music at the same time in her own studio.

"The first time I produced music was in the 90's" said Ekman, who was born in 1992. Ekman arrived in Los Angeles three months ago. She alternated between a year in LA and a year in Sweden for several years.

"I perform at the Santa Monica pier, and the Promenade," she says. "I have performed on Walk of Fame Street. And at the Exotica club in Hollywood. "I do that every month."

Rebecca Ekman performs covers of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Beyonce on the Santa Monica Pier.

"I want to perform at more and bigger stages, I'm still working on my one or two albums, but finishing those takes time. I released a song many years ago that I did with a professional producer who also does Euro vision,:" she says. The song was titled Svar Det Var Du, Swedish for "Swear it was you."

"I got the idea from a childhood friend who told me what he was going through when he was growing up. It was a story of my life, but it's also a love song."

"It's about living life in the moment, in the present," she says. "It's about surviving tough times and how everything will be alright. It's about how life is fleeting, so enjoy the moment. I believe it's about friendship and it's a love story at the same time."

"Right after Svar Det Var Du, I wrote a song at home and went looking for a producer. She found one in Ari Lethtonin. They submitted the song "Dark Times" it to Melody Festivallen, which is earlier in the year than the famous Eurovision music festival and contest. The act who wins Melody Festivallen goes to Eurovision.

Rebecca Ekman:Santa Monica Pier Hosts Redheaded Singer From Stockholm Who Specializes in Soulful Covers of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey

Ekman signed with a record label in Sweden called Rexius. Later in 2024, they will release Dark Times, and another Ekman composition called "When the Wind Turns."

Ekman's Youtube presence is mostly covers of songs. "'Hold On to Me' is a cover. I really like that song it's strong and emotional and beautiful."

"Hero" is a cover of the famous 1990's Mariah Carey hit. "I really like to sing that song it's strong and beautiful, I have been singing that since I was a child

Ekman has also done a cover of "Perfect," a duet featuring Ed Sheeran and Beyonce.

Rebecca Ekman has the vocal range of Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston. Her talent is natural, she has never had a vocal coach. In addition to the pier, you can hear her at a couple of local clubs. We'll post specific time here.

Rebecca performing at the Exotica club.

Rebecca Ekman in the Hollywood Hills

Rebecca Ekman: A readhead in red.

Rebecca Ekman performing on the Santa Monica Pier


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