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Fashion Forward on Montana Avenue- Rachel McCord, Brenda Cooper & Georgia Weir at R&D Kitchen

First sighting of Rachel McCord since her urgent heart surgery.

Fashion icons model/author/McCord List founder Rachel McCord, Emmy winning costume designer Brenda Cooper and leading Australian fashion journalist Georgia Weir were all seen together lunching at Montana Avenue's R&D Kitchen.

The three ladies were seen deep in conversation with Rachel's husband, successful entrepreneur Rick Schirmer at her side, with their adorable and impeccably behaved four year old son Jude reading bible stories on Rachel's phone and leading Santa Monica publicist Christine Peake was in attendance.

Rachel, seen for the first time since her recent open heart surgery, was the picture of health and looked stunning in a fuchsia pink midi dress and a satin turquoise overcoat.


A beaming Rachel McCord, publicist Christine Peake and Emmy winning stylist Brenda Cooper.

Fresh from her success dressing leading celebs (including The Nanny star Fran Drescher) for Award season, including The Oscars, Cooper kept loyal to her renown 'Silhouette Style' wearing all black with long statement earrings and Weir put a clever spin on business attire meets California style with navy pinstripe suit featuring a mini skirt.

Who knows what these fashion forward ladies are up to but rest assured as Brenda Cooper always says, they will "do it with style."


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