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Homeless May Be Banned From Public Spaces, Supreme Court Rules, Overruling Boise Decision

"A Gamechanger" for California Cities May Lead to Cleanup of Public Spaces

In a ruling that may seriously affect municipalities ability to regulate tent cities, The Supreme Court allows cities to enforce bans on homeless people sleeping outside, even if shelter space is lacking.

"Today is a new day for California," tweeted Kevin Kiley. "The Supreme Court just gave our communities back the power to ban camping in public spaces. Homeless encampments can now be removed from our streets and parks. This overrules the disastrous Boise decision, which Newsom wanted to keep in place."

The City of Los Angeles has 40,000 people living on its streets, according to it's last homeless count. Santa Monica has an additional 3500.

"This is a game changer and puts our governor, Democratic mayors including Karen Bass, and the LA County Board of Supervisors, in a position to work together to clean up the streets at once." Said John Phillips, who has a daily talk radio show on KABC radio.


Reader Comments(3)

JustAGuy writes:

No more excuses for Santa Monica's leftist leaders to hide behind and continue to shirk their duty. Let's see how long it takes them to actually apply this new law even though it goes against every fiber of their socialist ideology. Clean, safe, drug-free, and homeless-free streets, parks, and neighborhoods for families and their children to enjoy? Oh, the horror!

Daisy writes:

Every other beach city is beautiful, vibrant, pristine and free of the junk that santa monica government has made us live with. There are no hobo bum predators attacking people in malibu, manhattan beach, hermosa, redondo, etc. Santa Monica government has invited these criminals into our city to terrorize the public. Santa Monica government lures these people in with the promise of drugs, food, and no interference into their bad lifestyle decisions. Supreme Court has acted - clean this junk up - you have no excuse anymore.

Davy writes:

ok - Doug Sloan and David ($400K taxpayer paid) White (and council)? Are you awake? The excuse you have foisted on constituents for years [...we can't do anything/supreme court/9th circuit/boise/grants pass/it's out of our hands ...... is now garbage. It was garbage before, but apparently no one would hold your feet to the fire. You CAN ticket/fine/arrest for crimes. And taking up public spaces can be a crime. Wake up and clear our streets of the criminals who are terrorizing us on the daily. Every single infraction must be enforced - drug use, p00ping in public, public nudity, drug paraphernalia, littering, running stop signs, parking forever in your car, parking oversized vehicles overnight, dogs off leash, dog p00p not picked up, etc. Bring back some quality of life to this City. Bring back broken windows policy and restore order. Get these l0sers off drugs and into jobs and a normal lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with advocating for people to live a healthy life.