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Articles from the January 19, 2022 edition

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  • What Happens to Social Security Benefits Withheld Due to the Earnings Limit?

    Rusty Gleer, Association of Mature American Citizens|Jan 19, 2022

    Ask Rusty – How Do I Get Back Benefits Withheld Due to the Earnings Limit? Dear Rusty: If I work and take Social Security before my full retirement age, how can I find out how I will be paid back the money withheld after I pass the earnings limit? Signed: Returning to Work Dear Returning: What you're referring to is that Social Security limits how much you can earn while collecting early benefits (before your full retirement age, or "FRA"). The earnings limit for 2022 is $19,560 and if your e...

  • The Health Care System is Racist, Whether Minorities Get Covid More than Non-minorities or Less, Say Public Health Officials

    Corva Corvax, A Logical Opinion|Jan 19, 2022

    January 14, 2022 - At Thursday's media briefing, both LA County Supervisor Holly Mitchell and Director of Public Health Barbara Ferrer expressed concern over the health disparities between affluent (i.e. white) and non-afflluent (i.e. minority) communities. The reason for the concern? More affluent people are testing postive for Covid-19 than non-affluent people. "We're currently experiencing racism in health care," Mitchell said in her opening remarks at the briefing. She left it to Barbara...

  • Westside School of Ballet announces a new line up of three divisions of boys-only ballet classes

    Jewels Solheim-Roe|Jan 19, 2022

    Watch out, Mikhail Baryshnikov! Westside School of Ballet has announced three divisions of boys-only ballet classes. The 50-year legacy dance academy's website states: "The Boys-Only classes promote the knowledge and practice of ballet, with an emphasis on alignment, coordination and athleticism. While the basic syllabus is the same for beginning male and female students, the contrast between male and female dancing is increasingly emphasized as a student progresses. Boys Ballet classes...