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Articles from the February 24, 2017 edition

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  • Kim Jong Nam's Killer Was Known as a Singer and Reality TV Contestant

    Reuters AP|Feb 24, 2017

    A woman bearing a close resemblance to Huong sang on the show as contestant number 67816 on June 3, 2016. Facial recognition tools give a match to the pictures released by Malaysian police of Huong in custody. The Facebook page belonging to the accused assassin shows her in an 'LOL' shirt. Doan Thi Huong, posted glamour-type photos on her Facebook page called 'Ruby Ruby', and many of her Facebook friends were Koreans. The Vietnamese woman suspected of helping to kill the North Korean leader's...

  • Bank Investors Want Dakota Access Pipeline Rerouted

    Liz Miller|Feb 24, 2017

    More than 120 investors have written a statement to banks financing the Dakota Access Pipeline advising them to promote a new route: "We call on the banks to address or support the Tribe's request for a reroute and utilize their influence as a project lender to reach a peaceful solution that is acceptable to all parties, including the Tribe." The investors, representing $653 billion in managed assets, fear an escalation of conflict and contamination of the water supply to the Standing Rock Sioux...

  • Vitaly Churkin is 5th Suspicious Death of Russian Diplomat in 3 months.

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Feb 24, 2017

    For the fifth time in 3 months, a Russian diplomat has died under suspicious circumstances. Vitaly Churkin death at Russia's consulate in New York City has been explained as a mere "heart attack." But his death involved a mysterious femme fatale, sources say. Russia's UN Ambassador reportedly shared the intimate company of a much younger woman before he showed up dead at the Russian Consulate in New York City on Monday morning. The official line was that he suffered a heart attack at the Consula...

  • Governor Brown's never-ending drought emergency

    Aubrey Bettencourt, CalWater Alliance|Feb 24, 2017

    Question: When is California's drought emergency over? Answer: When Gov. Jerry Brown says it's over. In January 2014, acting after two successive dry years, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. declared a State of Emergency for the entire state of California. He cited the extreme and prolonged drought. Seven executive orders followed from April 2014 to May and California remains to the present day in a state of what amounts to marshal law with respect to its water supply. www.water.c...

  • The King of Pop Keeps Making History & Breaking Records!

    Zane|Feb 24, 2017

    Michael Jackson's Thriller has become the first album in RIAA Gold & Platinum Program history to be certified 33x Diamond for United States sales and streams, it was announced by the Recording Industry of America (RIAA), the Estate of Michael Jackson, Epic Records and Legacy Recordings (the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment). Thriller is still the ONLY album ever to have surpassed the RIAA's 30x million mark in U.S. sales. "Thirty five years later, Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'...

  • EPA Workers' Union Responds to Scott Pruitt Confirmation

    Zane|Feb 24, 2017

    J. David Cox Sr., national president of the American Federation of Government Employees, which represents more than 9,000 employees at the Environmental Protection Agency, today issued the following statement in response to the Senate's 52-46 vote to confirm Scott Pruitt as EPA Administrator: "As head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt will be responsible for leading the agency's efforts to ensure the safety of our air and water, repair our aging infrastructure of water lines and treatment plants, clean...

  • Dogs at Uber Hit On Susan Fowler, Treat Her Like a Sex Object, Pay for It Online Later

    Observer Staff|Feb 24, 2017

    Susan Fowler joined Uber as a Site Reliability Engineer and immediately was treated like an attractive cat living in a frat house with a bunch of mutts. She was chased all over the building, fed cat food, threatened with being let out the door, and not given a leather jacket. Uber is about to find out that this particular cat has claws and lawyers. Uber's CEO said Sunday that he was "investigating" the former employee's online account of sexual harassment and gender bias during her time at...

  • Restroom Encounters of the Worst Kind: Americans don't like touching things in public restrooms

    Zane|Feb 24, 2017

    Public restrooms are everywhere but they're not all created equal. In fact, the annual Healthy Hand Washing Survey, conducted by restroom fixture manufacturer Bradley Corporation, has uncovered a number of unfortunate problems that frustrate users. Nearly 70% of Americans say they've had a particularly unpleasant experience in a restroom due to the condition of the facility. The most aggravating issues cited include: empty or jammed toilet paper dispensers; clogged or unflushed toilets; stall...