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Articles from the February 26, 2017 edition

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  • Coast Guard Ends Search for possible missing swimmer near Bolsa Chica State Beach

    Observer Staff|Feb 26, 2017

    The Coast Guard has ceased for a possible missing swimmer near Bolsa Chica State Beach Saturday. Initially, authorities searched for three young men who went swimming. 2 were quickly found, but 18 year old Shaun Linn was not found as of noon Sunday. Watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Los Angeles-Long Beach received a call from a good Samaritan at 5:17 p.m., reporting that Shaun Linn, an 18-year-old male, entered the water and did not return to the surface approximately 50-100 yards from the...

  • Tohono O'odham Nation Releases Video On Its Opposition To Proposed Border Wall

    Zane|Feb 26, 2017

    The Tohono O'odham Nation has released a video, "There's No O'odham Word for Wall," detailing its opposition to the fortified border wall proposed by President Trump's recent Executive Order. The video also reiterates the Nation's commitment to continue working with federal, state and local agencies on border security measures with a proven record of success. The current international border was drawn through the Nation's traditional lands in Arizona and Sonora, Mexico, which the Tohono O'odham...

  • 'Finding Neverland' the joys of eternal youth at the Pantages Theater

    Ron Irwin, Observer Staff Writer|Feb 26, 2017

    We all know about Neverland right? It is that happy mystical place where we can all be children forever. Some might call it Congress while others will take a happier road and revel in the pure joy of imagination and the distinct possibility that there is a place where truly anything can happen. So when playwright J. M. Barrie [Billy Harrigan Tighe] gets a severe case of writer's block he goes off in pursuit of inspiration and happens upon Neverland. His adventure is sparked as he comes upon...

  • Santa Monica Staggering Public Pension Liability Only Ranks 12th in the State

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Feb 26, 2017

    It has long been known that Santa Monica gives it's employees stupendous wages and benefits. 112 City of Santa Monica employees make more than $250,000 per annum. SMPD Beat policemen make on average, $102,000 a year, and can retire with a full pension at 55 years of age. The City Manager makes $425,000 a year (no, that's not a typo). And so on down the line. Now has ranked California cities by pension debt per household. We would like to report that Santa Monica is the most...

  • 7 Terrestrial Planets Found Orbiting Within the Habitable Zone of a Nearby Star

    Observer Staff|Feb 26, 2017

    NASA scientists released one of the great scientific discoveries of the 21st Century today: There are 7 Earthlike planets circling a star 39 light years from Earth, in the Constellation Aquarius. From the perspective of a person (or alien) standing on the surface of one of the planets, some of the other worlds would appear larger than the moon in the Earth's sky. Google has marked the Earth-shattering discovery with a Doodle, featuring the seven planets squeezing into view on the earth's...

  • The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Expresses Concern Over Trump Exec Orders

    Zane|Feb 26, 2017

    By majority vote, the U. S. Commission on Civil Rights has expressed deep concern that recent Executive Orders – in particular, 13768 and 13769 -- promote and endorse religious and national origin discrimination, in contravention of our nation's core principles. Executive Order (EO) 13769 sets out different treatment for persons coming to the United States, and raises the specter of government endorsement of religious and possibly national origin discrimination. The Commission notes that f...

  • FoxNews Alan Colmes' Dies of Lymphoma at 66 years of age. Liberal Commentator

    Observer Staff|Feb 26, 2017

    Alan Samuel Colmes, 66, has died of cancer. He was an American radio and television host, liberal political commentator for the Fox News Channel, and blogger. Colmes died at a Manhattan medical center on February 23, 2017 after suffering from lymphoma. He was the host of The Alan Colmes Show, a nationally syndicated talk-radio show distributed by Fox News Radio that was broadcast throughout the United States on Fox News Talk on Sirius and XM. From 1996 to 2009, Colmes served as the co-host of...

  • Weight Loss: Beware of the CREEP

    Ron Irwin, Observer Staff|Feb 26, 2017

    You know who I mean. You have been working so hard to lose weight and regain good health and you have been doing a great job. You have lost twenty, thirty maybe fifty or even more pounds and you look great. Even better is that you now feel awesome; better than you have felt in years. But then along comes that evil creep. He shows up many times in many ways but everyone has seen this creep. You have been doing such a good job you deserve a little treat so you allow yourself one graham cracker in...