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 By Stan Greene    News    August 12, 2020

Leftist Tries to Prank Ben Shapiro by burying his name in the source code of a fake Antifa recruiting site.

Some dude on the left set up a fake Antifa recruiting website. He also buried the email address of famous Conservative podcaster, Ben Shapiro in the code. Shapiro is known as a legal and political...


As Covid-19 Partial Shutdown Continues, SMRR Coronation Moves Online

Every two years in August, there is an event that designates who will be the leaders in Santa Monica-the Santa Monicans for Renters' Rights Convention. Receiving an endorsement from this...

 By Samuel Alioto    Crime    August 12, 2020

Homeless Man Stabs Another Man in Reed Park Thursday Morning

Santa Monica police arrested one suspect, following the stabbing of a 35 year old homeless man in Christine Emerson Reed Park Thursday morning just before 9 am. The victim was transported to the...


Westside Wuitusu Stores Subsidize Native Craftsmen in Venezuela and Columbia

The Wayuu are an Indigenous American ethnic group of the Guajira Peninsula in northernmost part of Colombia and northwest Venezuela. - Wikipedia. Wuitusu is a local business that was born two years ag...


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