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Articles from the June 1, 2019 edition

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  • Falling in LOVE with Austin in the Springtime. Small Town Feel, Big Town Culture

    Kat Thomas, Edible Skinny|Jun 1, 2019

    My entire life I had never visited Texas, and in the last four years I've been lucky enough to now drive across the state seven times. That being said I never really got Texas... I always thought of it more of a character of itself than anything else. That was until I found myself in Austin in mid April. All my previous visits to the state had been during the summer, so SUPER DUPER hot and dusty, but southeastern Texas in April. Simply Amazing!!! Austin, Texas' capital, fully embraces the...

  • Thirty years later, Tiananmen Square Protest survivors seek truth and change from China

    Simina Mistreanu and, Andreas Landwehr, dpa|Jun 1, 2019

    Thirty years ago on June 4, the Chinese army opened fire on student protesters in Tiananmen Square. The government has attempted to erase the "incident" from history, but victims and some perpetrators are keeping the memory alive. Beijing/Taipei (dpa) – Fang Zheng recalls the students' withdrawal from Beijing's Tiananmen Square on the morning of June 4, 1989, as peaceful. A few thousand students had sat overnight around the Monument to the People's Heroes, in the square, following weeks of p...

  • Amazon Develops Bracelet Intended to Upload Wearers Emotions Onto the Internet

    DPA Wire Service|Jun 1, 2019

    (dpa) - Last week it was reported that Amazon may be working on developing a bracelet that can use the speech recognition software Alexa to detect how you are feeling emotionally. While Amazon isn't the first to trial emotion-reading software, the report has plenty wondering about the potential for AI assistants like Amazon's Alexa to read our emotions. According to a report from financial wire Bloomberg, the company is working on the voice-activated wearable described as a health product. There...

  • The Terminator: Computers Can Predict Your Death Better Than Your Doctor Can

    DPA Wire Service|Jun 1, 2019

    All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. -- Psalm 139:16 (dpa) – It's a brave new world when computers can predict our death, but such a world might not be out of the realm of reality, according to European researchers. A study presented at an international cardiology conference in Lisbon this month found that artificial intelligence can already do a better job than humans of calculating a person's risk of death. And not just a slightly better job, e...