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Articles from the June 5, 2018 edition

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  • The Kingdom of the Lowlands Offers clandestine cannabis coffeeshops to Pancakes

    Kat Thomas, and Matt Bourquardez|Jun 5, 2018

    In early Spring Edible Skinny was lucky enough to spend 8 days in The Netherlands. And while on our trek of this Dutch wonderland, we discovered this country far and wide. We saw it all in Koninkrijk der Nederlanden (aka the Kingdom of the Low Countries) from Amsterdam's fairy tale canals walks where we were trailed by local cats to the clandestine cannabis coffeeshops to Pancakes, Pancakes, and more Pancakes! (the Dutch LOVE their Pancakes!) to the solitude of the North Sea and its citadel...

  • Alison Hartson Attempts to upset six term senator Diane Feinstein

    Nancy Kaufman, Observer Staff|Jun 5, 2018

    Alison Hartson, is running her campaign to unseat Senator Feinstein on people and policy over profit and politics. Hartson, 37-years old, and national director of the Wolf-Pac group that tries to get money out of politics, wants to get the "politics out of politics" as she's vowed not to take a single dime of corporate or PAC money. Also, she does not believe in the endorsing of candidates From public high school teacher, to builder of an intervention program for at risk youth, Alison Hartson...

  • City May Allow Electric Scooters to be Parked on Sidewalks Lawfully

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Jun 5, 2018

    The City Council is considering amending the municipal code to allow scooters to be parked on City sidewalks. At its June 12th meeting, the Council will consider an amendment to the code. As part of overall mandates, Santa Monica encourages electric and other less polluting transportation alternatives. As a practical matter, many riders who rent scooters from Bird, Lime and other purveyors, leave the vehicles on sidewalks, where the next rider finds them. While the scooters are popular with...

  • Trader Joe's to Open at 23rd and Wilshire Blvd, Across from Whole Foods Market in Santa Monica

    Observer Staff|Jun 5, 2018

    Just when you thought it was safe to drive down Wilshire Blvd, Trader Joes is eyeing a sight directly across the street from Whole Foods Market. Actually, our sources say a lease has been signed, and demolition of an existing car wash will begin soon. "It Could bring more cars, scooters, bikes and Ubers as well as garbage and delivery trucks + maybe rats and even hungry coyotes!!! On the other hand many residents will love a TJ's within walking distance and with better parking than the TJ's on...

  • Company Denies Massive Data Breach Underway at Early Warning Credit Reporting Agency

    Samuel Alioto, Observer Staff Writer|Jun 5, 2018

    Update, 6/8: The Observer received the following message from Early Warning: "To confirm, no “massive data breach” occurred, as your headline states. You received multiple emails due to an error of one of our IT systems. Early Warning uses a secure portal (website) as a way for consumers to send us data in a secure manner. On Sunday, June 3, a consumer was using the Portal to upload documents in relation to an ongoing interaction with Early Warning. When information is uploaded, the Portal gen...

  • SMC Will Award First Bachelors Degrees in June 12, 2018 Ceremony

    Observer Staff|Jun 5, 2018

    Santa Monica College's 88th commencement ceremony will be held at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, June 12 at Corsair Field, said the school in a press release. About 675 of the more than 4,500 students who have earned degrees and certificates are expected to take part. Like other 2 year schools, SMC has many part time students. Among the graduating students will be SMC's first baccalaureate graduates: 18 students who have earned the Bachelor of Science degree in Interaction Design. In 2015, The California...

  • Gavin Newsom Poised to Succeed Jerry Brown as California Governor  

    Nancy Kaufman, Observer Staff Writer|Jun 5, 2018

    Sunday, June 3rd, in a Hollywood nightclub, Academy, hundreds of fans assembled to witness lead runner for the Gubernatorial race, Gavin Newsom, in his "Courage for a Change," rally. At 33 per cent in the lead, 48 hours before the close of the polls, Newsom sent the message out loud and clear, to get out the vote. Strobe lights danced across the floor. A post modern fresco alighted the ceiling with the rolling blue waves of California's coast. Above, the forever waves of blue, below, the...

  • Drinking and Depressed, Kate Spade Hangs Herself With a Red Kate Spade Branded Scarf

    Observer Staff|Jun 5, 2018

    Fashion designer Kate Spade hung herself with a Kate Spade scarf. First Responders found the fashion maven hanging from a doorknob and a scarf in her Manhattan apartment. She was 55 years old and suffering from clinical depression, for which she was taking medication. Spade hanged herself with a scarf on a doorknob in her apartment and was found by a housekeeper around 11 a.m. Tuesday, Police said. Kate Valentine, formerly known as Kate Spade, was an American fashion designer and businesswoman....