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Articles from the July 12, 2019 edition

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  • Life in 5 Inches: Pacific Palisades Woman Spends 57 Years Collecting 4300 Figurines

    Colleen OMara, Observer Staff Writer|Jul 12, 2019

    Maxine Wolf is meticulous. Her Pacific Palisades home is warm and inviting. She greets you at the door, welcoming you enthusiastically in to see her extensive glass figurine collection. Her lovely, California Design-inspired living room and dining room walls are lined with custom-made mahogany cabinets, filled with translucent or opaque-colored glass animals and figurines -- all carefully organized and categorized. A tour into a converted second bedroom reveals a museum-quality collection with...

  • Down the Rabbit Hole: Explaining Anthony Bourdain's Death from a Dharmic Perspective

    Preity Uupala, Observer Staff Writer|Jul 12, 2019

    Just goes to show no matter how rich, successful or powerful you are and even if you genuinely have love in your life and are sincerely pursuing your dharma, the soul can be troubled and in pain. Anthony Bourdain, a celebrated author, cook and TV host left us this time last year, shocking the world at large. The effect he had on global masses were revealed only after his transition. His sudden demise brings up a deeper issue that is slowly becoming a global narrative- one of happiness, fulfillme...

  • ShakeAlertLA Backlash After Strong Earthquakes in LA

    Sterling Roberts, Observer Staff Writer|Jul 12, 2019

    In what I thought would be a privatized business, ShakeAlertLA, which has been heavily criticized in the last few days, was actually created by the city of Los Angeles and its Mayor, Eric Garcetti. The app which is available on the App Store or Google Play ties into the national ShakeAlert system to inform users on earthquake activity. The recent critiques that ShakeAlertLA has gotten has been in light of the two recent earthquakes in California, the 6.4 on July 4 and the 7.1 on July 5. The...

  • FCC robocall ruling offers hope; in the meantime, just hang up on dodgy callers

    JP Grimaldi, AMAC Assn|Jul 12, 2019

    WASHINGTON, DC, July 8 -- Seniors may get robocall relief if a new Federal Communications Commission [FCC] ruling prompts phone companies to implement technologies that automatically block them. Dan Weber, an advocate for older Americans, says the ruling is a step in the right direction. Verizon issued a statement hours after the FCC announced its decision. In it, the company stated that it is "putting robocallers on notice. We've got their number and we're taking big steps to stop them from...