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Articles from the September 28, 2022 edition

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  • Mayor Himmelrich Quashes A Motion Critical of Her Meeting Misconduct

    Observer staff|Sep 28, 2022

    Mayor Sue Himmelrich, with the assistance of new City Attorney Doug Sloan, refused to allow a vote on a motion by Councilmember Oscar de la Torre at last night's City Council meeting. The kicker? De la Torre's motion was an attempt to address Mayor Himmelrich's regular and significant violations of parliamentary procedure, which hinder efficient, effective, and fair City Council meetings. De la Torre raised a question of privilege affecting the assembly: In the spirit of improving our meeting...

  • Drafted Russian Man Fires Rifle In a Draft Center, Killing the Commander. Irkutsk Region of Russia

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Sep 28, 2022

    9/26: Video of a Russian man opening fire and killing the military commandant in a draft centre in the city of Úst-Ilimsk in the Irkutsk region of Siberia. The military commandant was the head of the local draft committee. The shooting occurred Monday afternoon, Irkutsk time. Alexandr Yeliseev, the commander, of the Ust-Ilimsk military registration and enlistment office was shot four times almost point blank. He died in the hospital a few hours later. According to eyewitnesses, the shooter...

  • Annual Cleaning of the Storm Drain Filters Near Palisades Park Brings Big Trucks to Santa Monica Cliffs

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Sep 28, 2022

    17: Have you wondered what the trucks are about in Palisades Park? The long ones with the hoses that go into a storm drain and down. 90 feet to the base of the world famous cliffs. Those magnificent young men with their suction machines are clearing out the storm drains so that after the next rainstorm, less trash will make it out to sea. "We're the last line of defense before the ocean ecology," said Juan. "There's a guy 90 feet down, below that grate," he said pointing. "He's actually...

  • Protestors in Iran Appear to Control Streets of Teheran and Other Major Cities

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Sep 28, 2022

    Protestors in Iran appear to have taken control of the streets of Teheran, and also of other major cities. In Mashhad, the birthplace of Supreme. Leader Khameni, street protestors have burned Khameni's statue. Political theorists speak of achieving a revolutionary mass of people who want regime change. Iran appears to be at the precipice of a revolution, unexpectedly. The protests began after a 22 year old young woman, Masha Amini, died in police custody. She was arrested for allowing her hair...

  • Residents of Beijing Report City is Calm, Normal, and all Monuments and Tourist Attractions are Open

    Samuel Alioto, Observer Staff Writer|Sep 28, 2022

    Americans residing in Beijing report that the situation there is normal. There is no sign of a coup or of unusual military movements. "This is Xinhua Gate, the main entrance to the Zhongnanhai compound, where the entire central leadership resides and works, including Xi Jinping," posted Georg Fahrion. "Elite paratroopers have wrested control over the gate, cunningly disguised as the five middle-aged dudes who always stand there," he said, obviously tongue in check. He posted other photos of comm...

  • The True Story of the Man who Saved Humanity from Nuclear Annihilation During a Tipping Point in the Cuban Missile Crisis

    Sep 28, 2022

    The acclaimed concert series Jacaranda continues its quest to inspire audiences with the long-awaited concert premiere of ARKHIPOV, an opera by composer Peter Knell and Stephanie Fleischmann, winner of Opera America's 2022 Campbell Librettist Prize. ARKHIPOV chronicles the enthralling true story of the journey of the Soviet nuclear submarine B-59, the events leading to a critical tipping point during the Cold War's Cuban Missile Crisis, and the man responsible for defusing the conflict....

  • Woman next to a sign Welcome to the Celebrity Solstice Cruise

    Sailing on the Celebrity Solstice: The BEST way to see the Pacific Coast!

    Chanin Victor, Travel Editor|Sep 28, 2022

    Ready to set sail on an adventure down the Pacific coast? Look no further than Celebrity Solstice! This modern cruise ship features unrivaled vistas, plenty of activities to keep you entertained, and itineraries that will take you to some of the most popular cities in the Mexican Riviera. Setting sail from September 2022 through April 2023, the Celebrity Solstice will embark on five-, seven-, and eight-night itineraries from its homeport in Los Angeles, California. This modern cruise ship...

  • Hurricane Ian Lands at Sanibel Island as Category 4 Storm; Storm Surge up to 18 feet

    Samuel Alioto, Observer Staff Writer|Sep 28, 2022

    1 pm EST: The National Hurricane Center said that the eyewall of Hurricane Ian was moving onshore at Sanibel and Captiva Islands. In an update, Acting NHC Director Jamie Rhome said that extreme wind warnings would be in place for the Sanibel, Cape Corral and Boca Grande areas. An extreme wind warning is in effect for Englewood, Rotonda, and Grove City until until 2 p.m. EDT. "Treat these imminent extreme winds as if a tornado was approaching and move immediately to an interior room or shelter...