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Articles from the October 22, 2016 edition

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  • New App Helps You Take Better Selfies With Your Dog

    delfie|Oct 22, 2016

    DELFIE, LLC announces the global launch of DELFIE, the new iphone app that helps you take better selfies with your dog, now available on the app store. The selfie craze is not going away anytime soon. Yet, anyone with a dog and a mobile phone knows how hard it is to take the perfect "delfie" (selfie with your dog). Dogs have no natural reason to look at your phone, they're usually looking someplace else, and hey, there goes a squirrel! After a month-long North American soft-launch, Delfie, LLC,...

  • Report: Bahamian Police Investigating Julian Assange for Online Sexual Solicitation of an 8 Year Old Girl

    Observer Staff|Oct 22, 2016

    The owners of a dating website claim they hired Wikileaks founder Julian Assange as a programmer, but that he used the platform to solicit sex from an 8 year old girl. Assange says he was set up by Clinton partisans, and did nothing of the sort. According to the website "Bipartisan Report," the Commonwealth of the Bahamas is investigating Assange on charges of allegedly soliciting sex from an 8 year old girl. The report says this is the real reason why Ecuadorian embassy cutoff internet access...

  • World Premiere of Stage Production of Kurt Vonnegut's World War II Story

    Ron Irwin|Oct 22, 2016

    During World War Two a young Kurt Vonnegut served in the United States Army. At the Battle of the Bulge he was captured by German soldiers and imprisoned in Dresden where he miraculously survived massive allied bombings. But despite that truly amazing slice of Kurt Vonnegut's life what brought him to fame was his story telling. Now Scott Rognlien has adapted five of Vonnegut's short stories to create a narrative comedy entitled "Vonnegut USA" which is premiering now through November 20th on...

  • Transcript of Third Presidential Debate: "What a Nasty Woman" Trump Whispers about Clinton

    Observer Staff|Oct 22, 2016

    The two took podiums, and the first topic was the Supreme Court. Wallace: Is the Constitution a living document, Mrs. Clinton? Clinton: The Supreme Court raises the central question, which is what kind of country are we going to be? We need a Sup Court that will stand up for women's rights, take down Citizens United, up with LGBTQ rights. I have major disagreements with my opponent. But it is important not to reverse LGBTQ, that we stand up for workers rights, the S Ct should stand for all of...

  • "Electro Bike" Bicycle Store Broken Into on Main Street Sunday Night

    David Ganezer|Oct 22, 2016

    $3000 in bicycles were stolen from the ElectroBike store last night, on the 2600 block of Main Street, Santa Monica. A brick was apparently thrown through a window, sometime around 2 AM. The thieves made off with three bicycles worth approximately $1000 each. Police would not say whether there was security video. Some residents say that local crime has increased since the advent of the Metro Rail in May, 2016. Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrook says that crime here has increased only marginally,...

  • Why Bill Gates Visits the Remote East Coast of Greenland, and Other Greenland Stories

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Oct 22, 2016

    I must admit I'm fascinated with Greenland. Maybe it's the idea of man against the elements. Maybe it's the colorful towns and villages, painted pastel against an icy landscape. To this day, the generous Danes give $5 billion in grants to the Islanders every year. Which is somewhat surprising, since Greenlanders have voted no less than 3 times over the last 30 years, that they want to be more independent. $5 billion a year is about $90,000 for each of 56,000 Greenlanders. They are about 80%...