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  • OPCO Merges With Larger LAMP Homeless Services Organization

    Observer Staff|Nov 3, 2016

    As detailed in the latest episode of Shameless, nobody wants a homeless shelter in their neighborhood. Nope, Not In My Back Yard. It is for this reason that the Ocean Park Community Organization is located not in swank Ocean Park, but on Cloverfield, 100 yards from the City dump. Anyway, below is the press release. I can't make heads or tails of it, other than the first paragraph, which says that OPCC has merged with LAMP, whatever that stands for, to form "The People Concern." Which I thought...

  • SamoHi 10th Grader Vanai Jelks dies in bed of Mysterious Causes 10/25

    Observer Staff|Nov 3, 2016

    Update: 10/29: The Los Angeles County Coroner's website lists the cause of Vanai Jelks death as "deferred." The Coroner's office is conducting an autopsy and will release results. Her family members in Inglewood report that she threw up Friday Morning, 10/21. But she seemed well enough to go to school, says he step father. They assumed the 10th grader had a cold, but she did not seem terribly ill. On Saturday, 10/22, she took part in a drama competition that lasted until 7 pm, says her step...

  • Santa Monica Police Dept. 19 Year Veteran Convicted of Petty Theft

    Observer Staff|Nov 3, 2016

    On October 20, 2016, Eduardo Parraga - 51 years old, was arraigned at the Los Angeles County Airport Courthouse on misdemeanor petty theft charges. "He has been accused of stealing personal property from a retail outlet valued at $45," said Lt. Saul Rodriguez, Public Information Officer for the City of Santa Monica. The Santa Monica City Attorney's Office filed charges on Parraga, a 19 year veteran police officer with the Santa Monica Police Department. Parraga pled "No Contest" to the charges...

  • Fireman: How Dare they use Public Safety to Manipulate Your Vote on Measure LV!

    Adrian Crook|Nov 3, 2016

    1/24: A short while ago, I learned that the Santa Monica Firefighters Local 1109 had given its support to the "No on LV" effort. As a 38-year veteran of the Santa Monica Fire Department and lifelong resident of Santa Monica, I was shocked and confused as to why they would do that. Knowing how overwhelmed and understaffed our Fire Department currently is, with extremely high call volume, and how difficult it is to respond to life-threatening emergencies due to extreme and sometimes gridlocked...

  • Average Okinawan Lives 110 years. Why Do They Live So Much Longer Than The Rest of Us?

    Ron Irwin|Nov 3, 2016

    Okinawa is the largest of the Ryukyu Islands located at the southern tip of Japan. While long considered a part of Japan and sharing a virtually identical language, except for the elders many of whom still speak their native tongue of Uchinaguchi. Many of the Ryukyu Islanders have held resentment against Japan since their annexation in 1879. Okinawa is also the birth place of Karate. It is a long island with abundant natural beauty including steep hills covered with lush vegetation and, of...

  • NASA Astronaut Kate Rubins Returns From the Space Station

    Zane|Nov 3, 2016

    NASA astronaut and Expedition 49 crew member Kate Rubins, who became the first person to sequence DNA in space, returned to Earth Saturday after a successful mission aboard the International Space Station. Rubins and her crewmates Anatoly Ivanishin of the Russian space agency Roscosmos and Takuya Onishi of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, touched down in their Soyuz MS-01 at 11:58 p.m. EDT (9:58 a.m. Oct. 30, Kazakhstan time) southeast of the remote town of Dzhezkazgan in Kazakhstan....

  • Seeking Votes for $345M Bond Measure, SMC Expands Adult Learners

    Grace Smith, SMC|Nov 3, 2016

    Editors note: This is an official SMC press release. SMC has a controversial $345 million bond measure on the Nov. 8th ballot, and has recently admitted only 4% of its 33,000 students, are Santa Monica High School Graduates. So it is looking for reasons for people to vote for the bond measure. SMC was awarded the grant as a partner – with the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District (SMMUSD) – in the Santa Monica Regional Consortium for Adult Education. The consortium was established in 2014...

  • IKEA Looks at Mushroom-Based Packaging

    Liz Miller|Nov 3, 2016

    The flat-pack furniture giant IKEA has announced a move to a USA-made eco-friendly mycelium packaging to replace polystyrene. "We are looking for innovative alternatives to materials, such as replacing our polystyrene packaging with mycelium - fungi packaging," Joanna Yarrow told the Telegraph. Yarrow is the head of sustainability for IKEA in the UK. Mycelium is the part of a fungus that grows in branched fibers to attach to the soil or other host, essentially the roots of the fungus. New York...

  • 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' Shakespeare in ISC style; Sam Breen as Oberon with Jose Acain as Puck

    Ron Irwin|Nov 3, 2016

    Imagine, for that is absolutely required, what happens when a small group of unsuspecting mortals enter the realm of the fantastical forest. You will see before you a wild and exotic ride as written by William Shakespeare but made even more intriguing by the unique style of the multiple award winning Independent Shakespeare Company. Indeed it seems a passion for ISC to take Shakespearean classics and bring them a bit closer to modern times while concurrently preserving their authenticity. And...

  • New Green Energy Could Change the Way We Move

    Liz Miller|Nov 3, 2016

    Wood pulp, a common waste material, could allow homeowners and communities to create their own energy by just walking around. UW–Madison associate professor Xudong Wang, graduate student Chunhua Yao, and their collaborators published the details of this amazing new technology in the journal Nano Energy. Wood pulp is already a component of many pressed wood products, including flooring. The pulp contains tiny, cellulose nanofibers that, when chemically treated, will produce an electrical c...

  • Bacardi Installs Bat Caves!

    Zane|Nov 3, 2016

    Bacardi gives new meaning to the phrase, "to the bat cave," as a team of employees, in partnership with Lubee Bat Conservancy, erected several large bat habitats at the company's BACARDÍ® rum bottling facility campus in Jacksonville, Florida. Within just a few months, the habitats – branded bat caves – will be full of tenants. Together, the organizations are working hard to fight the devastation of habitat depletion that has occurred for bats, the world's only flying mammals. come full...